The German Armys "Too Fat to Fight"!

From this morning's Guardian, gentlemen! Certainly explains a few things...


German soldiers are fat, unfit and too fond of cigarettes and stodgy food, according to a parliamentary report into the physical state of the army.

The report, an annual review of the state of the military, said Germany's soldiers were fatter than the average citizen - 40% are overweight, compared with 35% of civilians of the same age, while 8.5% are classed as "seriously overweight".

"It would be an enormous advantage on the battlefield if they shaped up," the defence ministry admitted yesterday.

The report, presented in Berlin by Reinhold Robbe, the parliamentary commissioner for the military, said soldiers, 70% of whom smoke, ate too much and did not move enough, either on or off duty. "This has much to do with poor equipment and lack of training," the report said. It added that bureaucracy got in the way of their physical fitness.

Soldiers, it said, spent too much time filling in forms, doing emissions tests on vehicles, and separating rubbish. Robbe also criticised financial cuts made in recent years which he said had reduced the quality of food supplied to the army.

A respondent to an army blog posting who identified himself as an officer blamed conscription, which meant many soldiers were not serious about the task.

The army was, he said, "full of fatties ... making us the laughing stock abroad where we're seen as overweight grumpy old men ... compared to the British, we're viewed as pathetic.""
At last we know why the French are so keen on agricultural subsidies.
Don't suppose you have to be fit to ponce around Kabul in an APC during the hours of daylight.
During the first few ISAF rotations, when we were all just bundled up around Kabul and still securing the route to Baghram Airbase, the Dutch company was attached to a Kraut 'Battlegroup.'

At one point we needed our antitank missiles flown in and also more (and replacement) optics for them. The Germans at that time also didn't do the nightpatrols. The left that to us. So when we needed our AT optics to get better night vision.

We had to wait for that to be flown in, because the Germans had claimed the aircraft to move in fridges, airconditioners and ...yes, really...Beer.

We weren't to fond of 'em after that...

Also, when doing stag duty at night in those big towers, we met more British nurses than German infantrists... :)
Stokey said:
seemahpoint said:
compared to the British, we're viewed as pathetic.
That's been the case since 1918, 1945 and 1966.
Well...from the 'Polish side'...pains me to say this 'n' it came in from my G/Dad(18's) who got an Iron +, they were 'Dad, Casino', Italy (45's) they were v.v. feckin a STAB...(65/75) bunch of 'long haired girlies'...two out of three...cant be bad
seemahpoint said:
The army was, he said, "full of fatties ... making us the laughing stock abroad where we're seen as overweight grumpy old men .
Is he talking about the German army or the RLC?
too much munching on gyros and bratties,along with laying on too many sun loungers at 6 in the morning. 8O
Point is, though, that all the time Germany's been refusing to deploy "properly" to the 4th Afghan, and everyone just thought they were being, like, modern and moral and terribly Lefty.

But really they are all just chubby feckers who'd be unable to join in, even if they wanted to! IE, all this talk of morals is bull's poo and Europe really is a bit soft, weak and decadent after all.

I can't decide if this makes me happy or sad...
They don't need to be slim and fit....they don't deploy to where the lead is flying.They're always on the coast in the sun.
i bet the waffen s.s. will be turning in their graves looking at the fitness standards of their prussian counterparts!! 8O
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