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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by johnojohnson, Jul 21, 2005.

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  1. I know it is being apposed but.................

    Pop and Circumstance

    Next we will be asked not to fly the UJ or Gearge Cross because it's too political.

  2. The PC brigade are having to much say in the running of the country.

    I remember reading about a university student during one of the European football thing (towards the start of 2000 time , cant remember exact dates), being told to take a UJ down coz it might upset some minority.

    Now saying they should play land of hope and Glory and replace it with a ROD Fing Stewart song are they for real!!

    I know Thatcher is as mad as a bag of badgers but i say bring her back, none of this happend in her time as there was pride in the country, and it was called Great Britian, now most people refer to it as Britian.

    Blair you're ladybits, you have let chav's run the streets while getting community coppers to patrol the streets that have no powers, You have allowed immigration to go unopposed, so much so that it is now draining the economy, you have given into the terrorist in NI, you make it impossible for people to protect there own property for fear of getting proscution. As for the forces, i wont even go into what you have done!!

    I am proud to be British, but because of you, i refuse to live in a place that allows this to happen, So blair you can poke your PC consession giving, chav loving place up ya arrse!
  3. Compare & contrast:



    Admittedly it’s the first time I’ve read the full lyrics to “Sailing” and the words are nice enough, but they hardly express the emotions associated with the love for one’s country and the spirit of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their lives in defence of it. I can imagine exactly what each of my Grandparents would say about this meddling if they were still alive! I understand the need to make Remembrance relevant to the younger generations, but that can be done by teaching British history and more prominently including veterans of Korea, Northern Ireland, The Falklands, The Gulf and Afghanistan; especially as those who served in World Wars I and II become fewer & fewer.
  4. Just what 'political connotations' does it have? I've never had the thought of 'Land of Hope and Glory' being aligned with any particular Political Party or doctrine.

    How does he justify 'sailing' as being appropriate for Rememberance Day?
    The guy is a loon
  5. Oh My F-ing Buddha.

  6. What the sh!t????
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Pomp & Circumstance No1 is usually played at US School and college graduations. It is not seen by all as being uniquely British.
  8. Think about all the flag waving in the street as WW2 ended and people sang rousing tunes, such as 'Land of Hope and Glory'!

    Oh, how this mighty nation has fallen at the hands of disguting, politically motivated, self-serving ladybits.
  9. Proposed by a councillor O'Neil. It'd be interesting to check his pedigree.

    Sailing likely to have more appeal to the youth of Wolverhampton? I should have thought Bhangra would have been the music of choice in that case.
  10. Councillor 'PC' O'Neill.

    I wonder if he remembers that 'Sailing' was popular at the time of Corporate, and thus has - for the councillor rather than anyone normal - 'uncomfortable associations with an unecessary colonial adventure' as he'd probably put it. Not sure what the make-up of his ward is these days, but 20 years ago, his surgery would've been filled with irate grannies saying 'Yow'm a roit wazzack, in yow?' (Translation for those not born in God's County of Staffordshire = You're a very silly little man, aren't you?')
  11. Sailing? Sometimes there's just not enough vomit in the world...
  12. Actually, as a post-thought, I wonder if it would be worth having a sticky thread where all of us can dump examples of outrageous PC-ness that we come across, along with the necessary contact details that everybody else can use to complain. Stand united and all that.

    I'd be more than happy to spend 15 minutes every day writing a few emails of complaint, and it seems the only way we are going to get out of this Blairite PC mess is if we collectively make ourselves heard.

    MOD's? What you think?
  13. bloody loons should be deported :evil: wtf does Rod Stewart's song have to do with Great Britain? Save the Whale can have it if they want ... we'll stick to flying the UJ and proudly singing Rule Britannia or Land of Hope Glory!!

  14. i agree with most of the posts here. the english flag (st george) is no more offensive than my flag.. the saltire, or any other country's flag, BUT... because its an english flag, and therefore has the connotations now of english thuggery, someone somewhere is gonna moan and whinge about it. sad place we live in now that you can't be proud of your country and wave a flag without being told you're a racist, or a thug, or simply, offensive!