The General Election Skip

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheIronDuke, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Many of you will be unaware of his since you are over-worked coppers, drug smugglers on the lam, 'Special', female or foreign, but a General Election is imminent here in Great Britain.

    Since the Outrage Bus is still the subject of forensic examination following the disappointing incident when it was hired out for the St. Swythens Sixth Form College Christmas Disco, my fellow CO's and I have decided that all election rants, raves and permission for assisted suicide shall be confined to his thread.

    Our Moderators will enforce this policy with vigour, since they are paid a lot of money to do what they are told.

    I'll start shall I? Good.

    Sir Richard Dannatt. Hi Richie. Sorry we couldnt make the Christening. Previous engagement in all.

    You've got a lot to say for yourself since you took the lumper and bought a cardie? Can you tell me when, ever, Britain was prepared for war?

    And hows the new job going? A paid consultant for the Conservative and Unionist Party? Did you ever get to meet anyone important like that Lord Ashcroft?
  2. Eric Joyce (Lab - Falkirk). It doesn't matter if you manage a single syllable of common sense in the coming months - you are a washed up sellout and I hope political oblivion beckons. I hope the numerous chips on your shoulders (which have unburdened the backbone you haven't got) make your arms drop off.

    And in the interests of fairness..

    James Gray (Con - N Wilts). Such a shame the local Tory party didn't have the guts to deselect you for committing adultery whilst your wife was undergoing chemotherapy. Arrse might remember you for photographing wounded soldiers in AFG and claiming for Remembrance Sunday wreaths on your expenses. Sadly, you'll probably make it into the next Parliament but then you'll be useful sitting proof that there's still a healthy stench to the Tory Party...