The GEMS Scheme - The Reality!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by G3Ops, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Once, whilst tabbing across Wathgill Trg Area, i suggested that a fortune could be saved on boot rubber by actually putting Soldiers in the back of all the vehicles we spend our working week maintaining.

    Pretty similar to yourself, i was told to shut up and stop being a cnut.

  2. good idea about the velcro, but some dump cnut of a sprog would iron and melt it, making it useless. Thus having to exchange his clothing more.
    Plus could you imagine being in a orders briefing in a tactical location and everyone going in there pockets for a notebook and the noice that would make!

    Still would be a good idea for putting up cam nets though! :wink:
  3. spelling is cr@p

    noice = noise :wink: :lol:
  4. i came up with a plan to save the army thousands of pounds in waste paper, instead of all the paperwork for p1954's and ucb and 1033's and such, why not hold all this infomation on a LAN or likewise, i was gonna call it eunuch-om but was told that the army was weel behind on the use of pc's.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I know, I wanted to tell them that they needed a web form for submissions, but was so bored by amount of dead tree-ware involved that I couldn't be bothered.

    Anyway, the army could save loads of paper by not shooting at Fig11s and then not having to paste over the holes. This also saves substantially on time spent weapon cleaning.

  6. One day while sitting in my workshop with no jobs on waiting for BT to show up and fix the phone line i though to myself

    "wouldnt it be a good idea if the army trained up some sort of communications engineer to work for them who could do these jobs they were paying BT for."

    I tried suggesting this to the regi FofS and had similar feedback as the rest of the thread.
  7. Similar thing myself in the last week bull. Cant sign a project off because an isdn line needs moving. I'll do it myself this afternoon thinks i, aparantly its better to pay a fortune for support who will come out and move it sometime in april.

  8. Ah, but ops you hadnt done the complex maths, databased the results, come up with a figure of what it costs you to change the lightbulb, and what it costs, across the military to contract it out. Of course it would cost more in money, but the time saved by contracting allowed the MOD to cut 2 Batallions from the infrantry.

    Next time you feel tempted to change a lightbulb, dont be selfish, change it yourself and save a fireteam. Probably. :wink:

  9. As I watched another small fortune going down the pan when the civvy electricians were called to change yet another fecking light bulb in the accommodation I postulated with this crazy notion of doing it myself

    haha thats so true, we can go to war but changing a light bulb is against H&S Regs
  10. haha, sorry to go off of the point of this thread but the more i think of it, the more we do.
    i had a sodexho supervisor come round last week with a cleaner of the month submission form, i wet myself laughing. they come into me if there are skids around the pan and say " im not cleaning that, its not my job" !! brilliant! and we pay these people!!
  11. i am soooooooo upset that it wasnt intentional. if it was i would have done a better JOB!!!! fnar fnar get it get it? hahahahaha
  12. Our OC put one in the other day for a device capable of rolling, supporting a weighty load, and with an option for fitting to a sled. Later drawings had a black rubber ring around the "hub" for comfort and reduction in fatigue.

    If only I could remember the name of this wonder... :?:

    Anyway it was rejected because it had been submitted every other every other Sqn...

    You should see some of the ones that do get through :!:
  13. An old armourer once worked out that something like 150,000 man-hours could be freed for something more useful if the Army stopped saluting each other.

    Each salute takes up 5 seconds, salute 5 times a day (more for officers who spend a lot of time returning the compliment), multiply by number of people in the Army, days at work etc; you get the idea.

    The Adjutant didn't agree with him so here we today, all those wasted man-hours later...
  14. An armourer you say? Counting further than 15? Let alone up to 150,000 man hours? Through mathmatical calculation rather than just repetitive counting? Without using only his fingers?

    Maj B. you must think we were born yesterday.

    Mine's a large one! :wink: