The GEMS rewards scheme

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by aston, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Im intrested to hear from anyone that know off anyone who's gone throw the GEMS rewards scheme or knows off some one, and the process they went throw to implement thier idea??

    Arm asking hear because between you im sure everyone's seen a wide scope off the Army and the best way to find feedback on it.

    If anyone works in a MOD posting dealing with civilian contracts for the Army could you give me a pm for some advise thanks , im still serving and enjoying it , ive got a good idea just need some advise to make it work thank's for listening.

  2. Before learning about GEMS, how about a literacy course.
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  3. The process is in the Kit magazine I believe, though I haven't seen a copy of it for years, being away from the coal face now.

    I knew a REME chap who was astonished at the prices MoD were paying on certain spares for B vehicles. The prices were displayed on stickers on the packets at the time, by D of Qs and NSNs. He put a proposal forward to use alternative spares from another source, and worked out he could save over £2.3 million a year to the defence vote. His idea was taken up.

    He got £50 and a GEMS mug!
  4. Its ok ,

    He's just one of those w****** that when you leave the forces cant adjust because off sir your just another mr.joe .

    It's people like your self wonder why so many people sign off maybe your stinking attitude help's them to sign the dotted line !

    But you would never dream off signing off because you know you get a massive wage from are queen for doing Bu**** All ,

    sorry to be so negative but as in life there's alway's one!! negative indivdual!!
  5. You have my sympathy Aston, you may very well be correct in what you say but you must admit you really do write like a mong :twisted:

    A drunken mong at that :p
  6. Aston,

    A couple of points:

    1. I saw your other post in an RLC thread asking about how to introduce new equipment into a unit/Army-wide. Forget it - you might persuade the Welfare Officer to cough up a few shillings to buy a couple of pieces of eqpt for your unit but that's as far as it goes.

    2. Don't respond to abuse with abuse - you'll only get more incoming.

    3. Use the GEMS scheme to progress your idea - details are:


    Making a Suggestion

    You may make a suggestion as an individual or as part of a team.

    You should enter your suggestion on an easy to complete GEMS Form 1, which is available on this web site. The form can be printed direct from for completion or you can copy it to a word-processor document (see below). Notes are included at the end of the form to help completion.

    Using the GEMS Form. Open the GEMS Form, click on File, Save As. Navigate to your personal area and click on Save. You will now be able to fill it in as a normal Word document. Simply click inside each of the red text boxes and type in the details requested. Click outside the box (or in the next box you wish to open) to close it.

    When explaining your idea, you should describe briefly the current situation and how this could be improved. It is worth taking a little time to think through how your idea would work in practice. You should attach any drawings or sketches and other supporting documentation relevant to your suggestion, and include a copy of your job description or terms of reference.

    The completed GEMS Form 1 (plus supporting documentation) should be sent to:

    GEMS Secretary:
    Phone: 0131-310-2521 or (GTN) 94740 -2521
    2Div-ES-EngrSvcs-HPTO or

    Sending forms by E-mail

    Where E-mail facilities exist and all supporting documentation is available in IT format, you can send your suggestion to your LAG electronically, as an E-mail attachment. However team suggestions must be submitted in hard copy, as each team member is required to endorse their participation in the suggestion.


    The GEMS Form 1 allows you to make clear whether or not you are happy for the amount of any award you might receive to be publicised.

    Be wary of approaching third parties outside the MOD about your suggestion unless you have first obtained a confidentiality agreement from them. Information on confidentiality agreements can be obtained from your LAG or from any of the contact points. Without a confidentiality agreement, you might risk losing a potential patent or royalty payments.


    Finally, well done for showing initiative.

  7. I have a 'live' Gems idea in the pipeline at the moment. The process is fairly straightforward. After filling in the Suggestion form, it goes to a local committee who assess whether or not it is a totally bone idea. Assuming it isn't, the form is forwarded to the main committee in the UK and can take up to 100 days to process.

    I'm looking forward to receiving my cheque :)
  8. Ahhh, the GEMS mug...! The MOD has never been known to adequately reward bright ideas if it can help it!

    However, I will point out that some guys have made a lot of money from some very bright ideas!

    GEMS works but it takes a lot of time!