The Gay Line

Anyone else seen this? Just been on on Paramount Comedy.

Anyway, the gay line is defined as when a bloke, whilst dancing, crosses the gay line.

Ok, imagine a line drawn from the left hand, through the shoulders to the right hand. This is the gay line. When the elbows go above the gay line, this is defined as gay dancing, as demonstrated below.

Arms above the gay line. The guy in the middle is currently dancing like a straight man!

Just plain strange, in here for comedy value.

Sexually frustrated, as shown by one hand below and one above the gay line.

How can you tell thats a straight above the gay line!

So chaps, as a precursor to the Brum crawl, next time you fell like sticking your hands in the air spontaneously, not because the tune on is "put your hands up in the air", just take a second and check who it is pinching your arrse!
Praetorian said:

Sexually frustrated, as shown by one hand below and one above the gay line.
I didn't think you were going to ever post a pic of yourself Prae :headbang:
I know. They're nice tits though arn't they, didn't cost me much!
AND you promised NEVER to post a pic of me on here!! I know I've lost my hair but come on :shakefist:
Generally speaking, you're right Praetorian, but there is an exception that proves the rule........................................................

Northern soul,

"ave it!"

Fucking good shout!

The exception that proves the rule, excellent!
I always thought the gayline is crossed when a meaty c0ck punctures into a moist, muddy rectum. But hey, what do I know?

Oh, stop me if you've heard this: two condoms are walking outside a gay bar. One of them looks at the other and says " wanna go in and get shitfaced?"
Sandmanfez, that is pure class. I haven't been out clubing in DM's for years.

Used to go down a right treat in Mr Smiths in Warrington back in the early 90's did that.
Another thing not to say in a gay bar: Just popping out for a fag
Hang on a minute then, what does the following picture mean? Hom or not hom?

Arms aren't above the Gay Line but there's is definite queggertry involved, added to this, they are French..... :confused:
If they were sucking each other off it'd be closer to the truth eh oldbooty?

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