The Gaurdman Who Twated The Tourist

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Can understand wht he was thinking but isn't he gonna be in a whole world of grief !

Been there and had the urine takers when on ceremonials but don't think I ever came close to cuffing anyone.

Unfortunate that we live in this PC world (No pun intended!)

Hope we hear what happens
Callum_Almighty said:
New To Arrse, Gimme A Break
I See You're Back To Putting A Capital Letter At The Start Of Every Word Again
Whats a gaurdman?
CQMS said:
lol? what the f*ck is lol? And learn the difference between your and you're.

Have you considered suicide?
Lol is your boyfriend, innit?

I'm thinking of starting ARRSE remedial spelling classes - some of these posts are making my eyes bleed.

Oh, and note to Jocks - please use subtitles if you are going to talk Scottish (Yes Sparky - that means you). :D
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