THE gash wound speaks again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wm1965, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Change the thread title to "the Cunt speaks again" people will know who your on about then.
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  2. Still he did get to fuck that Madonna (when she was fit, and not looking like a tranny plumber)
  3. From the article.

    Is he retarded? He doesn't actually understand what he actually saying/commenting on does he?
  4. Cunt of the first degree.

    If he feels that strongly, here's an idea.

    Mr Penn, as you obviously have a dislike for colonialism and oppression, please feel free to enlist in the Argentinian Armed Forces, where, once you have completed your training, HM Forces would cordially invite you to a debate (along with some of your colleagues) to be held in Port Stanley. I am sure you would be given a warm welcome. Hopefully the business end of a high velocity round. You cunt!
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  5. Penn can go and fuck himself! I wonder if he did Kirchner while he was there. She looks quite grateful.
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  6. Fixed etc etc
  7. I think he has a point.
  8. I think he is still a cunt....

    And WTF is going on with the Argentine "el presidente" that is one hideous kangarillapig.
  9. Sean Penn is a cunting cunty cunt.

    You've got to admit that he is amusing though. Remember that programme where they would get a child to describe someone or an event then the contestants would have to guess what the snivelling little sods were banging on about? That's him that is.

    "Yeah there's these icelands right and like them Britians like stolend them and the people what live there want them back 'cos they do like. These people what live next door tried to steal them a bit ago but it's a long way and they werent not good swimmers and stuff. I fink it's wrong that the Britishani's have sent Prince to the Icelands cos he cant sing and is a black midget like."
  10. He does.

    It's on his head the the mong
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  11. Maggie tells it how it was:
    Thatcher announces the Falklands invasion to the House of Commons - YouTube

    "An Argentine invasion had taken place and the lawful British government of the islands had been usurped. I hope the whole house joins me condemning totally this unprovoked act by the Argentine government against British territory. It has not a shred of justification nor a scrap of legality...[the Governor] said the Royal Marines conducted a defence of Government House in the best tradition of the Marines... When he left the Falklands the Islanders were in tears and that they said they did not want to be governed by the Argentines."

    How much of a cunt do you have to be to not understand that? Neil Kinnock couldn't beat him.
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  12. I resent most strongly Mr Penn being labled a 'cunt'.

    I have always found cunts useful. They're something warm and wet to clean your cock in on withdrawal from their adjacent ass, or they're are someone you can enjoy fucking about as in, 'Oi, cunt, go ask the SQ for a long weight', or fucking over, 'Oi, cunt, can I shag your Misses as well seeing as you've got my duty on friday now!'. I have even found comrade ships with cunts as in, 'Oi, you cunts, what's everyone drinking?'

    I can see none of these being applied by the good membership here. I can see no use of Mr Penn by the good membership here, the exception to the rule perhaps being Mr Jarrod.

    Therefore Mr Penn is not a 'cunt' and I request that the good members here stop and desist in their use of that term to discribe him!

    Though fuck knows how we can find an apt term to discribe the pustulating skid-mark is beyond my limited powers of expression!

    God my spelling is awful, but I won't waste more time on Mr Penn!
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not only is a he a cunt he's a cunt that is wrong - I can 'think' it so can plenty of other so it's not 'unthinkable'.
  14. I've reconsidered my position.


    But of no use to anyone!
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