The gas chamber

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ohbugger2007, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. I heard that in phase 1 you have to go into a gas chamber and take your mask off to experiece the effects is it true? if so how bad is it.
  2. Very, very, very BAD.
  3. Its quite easy mate providing you hold your breath and can walk out of the exit within 15 seconds.
    Follow the link to see which substance is used.
    27 of our intake out of 45 made it.

    Good luck :twisted:
  4. Respirator Testing Facility not Gas chamber
    Repirator not Mask

    And yes it will hurt alot

    NBC/CBRN Instructors course best course I ever did :twisted:
  5. mmmmm the same gas they used on the jews now that doesnt give me much confidence
  6. Remember when you get out to wash your face with warm/hot water as soon as possible to get rid of the tingling sensation.

  7. You mean bastard! hehehehe

    Face into any wind there is, hold your arms away from your body .. and close your eyes and mouth when you take your smock off.
  8. If you get all hot and sweaty before the test it will not affect you at all....

    Nah only joking make sure you are not hot and sweaty before the test as your poores will be open and the burning sensation will be 10 times worse.
    Also air the kit off after before packing it away as you can get a dose of it weeks after.
    Above all enjoy it. Its great
  9. Nice one!

    MS164, agreed. CBRN, range qual, PTI, do all the courses so you don't get fcuked over yourself!
  10. Always good to play rugby in full IPE before entering the chamber, remember an RAF officer who refused to wear a suit on testing just when in wear respirator and normal kit.......

    was a female officer wearing a skirt, still see the image now as she ran out screaming clutching her groin, tried unsuccessfully to get instructors done :)
  11. Reminds me of a time eating really hot peppers at a party and not drinking after then getting back to birds house and going down to do you know what, never seen someone run to the bathroom so quick :twisted:
  12. Sensible answer now - it is only CS gas,
    it's unpleasent but no more than that the most it can do is sting your eyes and possibly make you sick
    As said before all you do is take resy off (usually) give name, rank, no and then leave.
    If you don't panic then you should have no problems.
    Make sure you air out your kit afterwards as CS can linger & don't wash your face/shower for a couple of hours as it will sting like buggery.
    Its no biggy - every one has done it at some point - don't worry about it :D
  13. If you've got your drills right then no dramas,if you haven't it will sting for a while but remember "anything that doesn't kill you can only make you stronger".
  14. Its only a a Introductionto CS whaich is used as a training simulant. its also used by some forces in riot control etc so thats why you are givina intro to it.

    the other reason CS is used is after you have been through your training on the drills required is to give you confidence in the fit of your respirator.

    you may have irratation to the EYES, NOSE and LIPS. you will get a birefing before going in, about what to do dont worry about it enjoy it.

    agree with the guys the best course i did CBRN instructors.
  15. Done my NBC Asisstant Instructors in 96 before that i hated NBC now look at me a fully qualified CBRN Instructor...

    heidtheab your right get all the courses done = no MATT's

    CBRN Inst, AA SAA, BCDT Inst