The future's bright.....maybe!?

SDSR and other doom-and-gloom posts aside, is anyone actually looking to the future in a positive way?

With the Olympics around the corner, which Units will actually be getting involved?

The organisers are asking for some 70,000 volunteers to work something like 10 x 8 hour shifts during the games – other than the sense of accomplishment or charity, you get to keep the dodgy uniform after said shifts!

Does anyone envisage local TA Units/Regiments utilising the opportunity to thrust their guys in to the public eye during the span of the games?

The RFU at Twickenham often call on local TA Units to provide marshals/post-match stage building for games on a volunteer basis.

So, for those of you who are ring-fenced as UK Ops – would there be any benefit to arranging staggered Annual Camps over the games? Working alongside the 70,000 middle-class volunteers (see BBC for the story) / other services carrying out UK-type work – forget working trackside, rubbing oil in to the thighs of virgin runners, proper constructive work.

This said, if we do emerge from the other side of the SDSR (which we wouldn’t see an immediate impact anyway) isn’t the world due to end in 2012 anyway???
Yeah , a "Games Maker" what a load of tripe.

Odd is it not that at a time where many in the forces are wondering about their and their unit,battalion or indeed service's future the country is forging ahead with this hyper expensive load of balls.

I bet us winning the chance to host the 2012 Olympics was indeed fixed ,that we win!.
I would be very surprised to see a major Olypmic presence - read JDP2-02 about how UK Ops is run, and then try to justify why HM Forces limited resources should be wasted on work that could be done by volunteers. There is a limited military role in the 2012 planning, but I'd be surprised to see limited resources wasted on a wider presence.

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