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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by catterick_commando, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. What is in the pipeline for the non AH Regiments - 1,5,7 & 9 ?

    Any new equipment, role or change of location?

    Or is the question too difficult.
  2. More Lynx, no money.......endex.
  3. Been in years mate and even we've been asking the same question. We hav'nt an answer so what chance have you got :(

    If you get the answer, please feel free to come back and let us know!
  4. New Lynx is pants, unsuitable, and very expensive.


    We've sort of told Wastelands that we are going to have them.

    Our AH and SH doctrine rules out some better airframes.

    There are some influential voices woven into Wasteland's little coterie of tame ex-green types.

    ..and it's a bit late in the day to be debating this sort of thing isn't it?


    Regrettably the path of least resistance is probably to buy the wretched things. Then:

    Use the good old batch approach to buy a small tranche and then try and back out of buying any more of the turkeys.

    Muddle through with a small fleet and reopen the LUH debate. Try and avoid buying more Lynx.

    Allow Civil Serpents to fark the whole thing up with a flawed political decision lurking somewhere and some tame procurements staff to fail to notice that a maritime cab is being sneaked past as a battlefield helicopter.

    Lynx is a fine cab and has served us well. But there are better companies now making better and cheaper cabs. Please let's buy them.
  5. So, have I got this right - The AAC may or may not get new Lynx, and when they do (or dont) you dont know where they will be based, or do you?
  6. In reply: yes you're right or no you're not!!
  7. Again.

    It's all part of the plan. "Remain flexible" - it should be part of the Corps motto.
  8. Couldnt agree more, I personally have been trying to suck my own willy for years.
  9. I thought the whole Future Lynx thing evolved around us updating the present fleet as opposed to buying new helicopters hence reducing expenditure!

    Project Belvedere seems to be running at a backward pace and nobody seems to know whats going on with future basing strategy.

    What wouldnt surprise me however is Middle Wallop closing in the next decade or so.
  10. I smell the air of yeovilton for 1 and 9? Have a freind in D&T , he say's they are NOT going for F Lynx, just going through the motions of the trial!
  11. We should know in a few weeks time Blobmeister, not sure what your friend at D & T's info source is but its still in there at the moment.
  12. What is the future for the Gazelle?
  13. Gate guards, letter openers, coasters, perhaps the canopy makes a stylish dangling chair like the Lancaster?
  14. Anyone standing near a light switch?


  15. Light switch?

    That would imply it was switched on in the first place.

    Blooby, I too would be interested in which friend at D&T has this gen. :wink: