The Future of the Workforce

There are only so many robot programmers/maintainers that can be employed. Yes, there will always be people to fulfil a limited number of roles. And yes, artisan bakers, brewers, plumbers and candlestick makers. But how many such artisans can a population support? Not forgetting all these unemployed folk who won't be able to afford their artisanal services. Heck, even (some) surgery can be done by robots now (or at least, it's in the developmental stages).

Thing is, so many of the people who sing the praises of total automation always say "People will have so much more leisure time/creative pastimes/self enlightenment" haven't considered the financial cost of this. Whether it's because folk will be on the dole and won't be able to afford anything that they might consider leisure, or there's the impact of the lack of income. Which means the lack of income taxes. Which will be needed to pay these ever increasing numbers of folk their dole. Or anything else that income tax pays for. Like the NHS, or roads etc etc etc.

Where were we before the twats that packaged everything in 2 layers of polythene then a cardboard box ?

We had huge numbers of staff, opening crates, barrells, boxes, putting small amounts of produce into paper bags..... no waste, no pissing plastic pollution............

" Give me 3 carrots, 2 ozs of ham, 4 eggs......." people bought what they needed- 2 carrots instead of a sodding big bag, most of which are wasted.

We should be going back to simpler times........ it isn't going back to crap times..... this system worked, and people had jobs.

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