The Future of the REME is Doomed!!!!

In my day you could rely on a Reccy Mech to get you out of a hole or two.
I don't think getting bogged in is the issue (happens to most of us at some point in our career) it is the scandalous act of letting yourself be caught on camera. It is a heinous crime in the Recovery Mechanic fraternity to be caught on film and the Recovery Mechanic in question should be demoted to RLC driver for punishment.
It happens on occasion, a few years ago I had just started working for a civvy recovery company, went out to an artic stuck in a rained out field at Badmington horse trials. The chap who took me out had 20 years experience in the industry, but when we got there he promptly started to reverse the wagon onto the field in front of the artic. I was slightly bemused but didn`t want to say anything as I was fairly new to the company.
We hooked up, but true to form the road going 6 legger started spinning even with diff locks in. We had to send for another wagon to pull us and the artic out, with me running besides our wagon chucking cardboard boxes under the wheels so it could get some grip.
Should`ve been a 2 hour job at most but it turned into a 6 hour one because of one basic mistake.
Just out of curiosity, what are the off road capabilities of the vehicle in the vid, it doesn`t look too good ? I `m getting an idea that an old AEC Militant would`ve just plugged it`s way through the mire in crawler in comparison.
at first i thought this link was about me and my fellow course just about to pass the tiffy course.........but no it just raises questoins about RECCE mechs?
What a bunch of Muppets.
Recovery calcs.? How far apart were the 2 vehicles, 2 drongos standing between the vehs by the winch rope, AND why was the wrecker there in the first place?
8wd only works when 8 wheels are contacting the ground.
Not quite as bad as this one though, got shown it a few years ago now....check the parking brake before lifting :)
[video=youtube;gmBmZsXQcqM] =1&list=PLF582A8CBFA5836E7[/video]
Not bothered about the wrecker getting bogged, they go to boggy places and shit happens. But this is embarrassing on so many other levels.

Stepping over a winch rope (instead of standing on it) and standing so close to one under tension, are liable to get you killed and would certainly result in an instructor on any validation course stopping the job. Basic errors like that get sorted at Bordon on a class 3.

However, using a winch rope as a fecking tow rope is unforgivable. The damage that can cause will VOR a waggon for months, and the Recy Mech in charge of that job needs retraining, at the very least.

And they all think it's funny.

******* cowboys.
So I was i/c a small convoy of a couple of Rovers and two bowsers, Bedford RLs.
I found a short cut and off we went. The track ran out so a 180 turn was due. No problems for the Rovers and one of the bowsers.
The second bowser, fully loaded, I back up into a large patch of bramble. Then the rear wheels found a hidden culvert and down went the back end. Stuck Solid. I tried one rover with our only chain No Chance.
Looking at informing the Boss I had F-ed up big style my luck was in as a passing Infantry Coy,432s, had a Recovery 43? as last vehicle. They vanish into distance then the Reccy wagon came back and Need a hand mate ?
Pulled it out like a loose tooth and saved my ass.

It's to do with the direction the winch drum is designed to operate under strain. Using it as a tow rope (as with any soft tow) often involves a lot of 'snatching' and these loads are working against the winch, as opposed to a controlled continous pull in the correct direction whilst in proper operation. Further, there are load cut out switches which will protect the system if the crew have cocked up the EP, (Estimated Pull in tons) these wouldnt work unless the winch is properly engaged. The winch is housed in the guts of the vehicle and is a major job to replace it, thereby taking a specialist vehicle out of role.

Once extricated the wrecker in the OP video, will still have that considerable length of winch rope out, and will have to winch in that rope, which is not under any strain, this causes 'loose coils' and is bad practice which at the very least can cause problems on the next job. The winch rope system is designed to allow the wire rope to lay properly on the drum, and on the coils, whilst under strain. A loose coil can slip off the drum and jam. (Ever tried laying an electrical cable in a neat fashion on one of those round drum extension cables.)

Recovery Mechanics are taught how to winch themselves out of any hole, regardless of whether there is another vehicle available, and they will have the appropriate equipment on CES to do it, but it's bloody hard work.

In the OP video, the MAN wrecker had a winch rope out, and an armoured vehicle to use an an anchor, which was lucky for them, but the winch should have been used. The crew were idle.
I get it, id have done the job differently as well.
Most of my recovery experience is as a civi (apart from a year in brunei using a bedford light occasionally) where things tend to be done in a different fashion, it's not unusual to see winch ropes used as tow ropes (particularly on the 10t and under trucks, but most of these drivers are ******* cowboys and will "snatch" a pull) but even on the heavy recoveries the final few meters tend to be done using the trucks motor rather than the winch but this is due to road space and final positioning.

It's good to see that the recy mechs will be the ones handing over the crates though in this case though!

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