The future of the kings troop

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by one_in_the_breach, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. I was watching a report the other day about the kings troop and it said that the lease of st johns wood barracks expires i 2012.
    It also said that as this troop is mainly cerimonial and with the war in Iraq and afganistan costing a lot of money the future of the troop could be in jepordy.
    I was just wondering what you thought a gunners who are currently serving or have served? Ithink it would be a shame to louse such a heritage.
    Also how do you feel about their duties beig mainly ceremonial.Your reply will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I don't know anyone from King's Tp RHA, but I do know enough journalists.
  3. so your saying its just journalist crap. I do hope your right.
  4. I think these highly trained and completely worthwhile toy soldiers, will have no problems... as after all they are "keeping the army in the public eye".
  5. I do think theyre worthwhile too, dont get me wrong I was no trying to knock em.
    When a lease runs out on a barracks does the regiment or troop or whatever just relocate. I know that the RA have just relocated to larkhill, was this because their lease expired or just cos it offered better training facilities.
  6. Now - there's an interesting question... :D
  7. inbredyokel666:"I think these highly trained and completely worthwhile toy soldiers, will have no problems... as after all they are "keeping the army in the public eye". "

    Do I detect a very thinly veiled hint of sarcasm here? The Troop are primarily ceremonial soldiers, they give today's Gunners and tourists alike an insight into the roots of the Royal Regiment.

    The Toy Soldiers you mention are the public face of the Royal Artillery and spark interest in the young which plants a seed that may grow into a recruit in the future. In addition to this they draw in tourists and are also a source of pride to the Royal Regiment both serving and retired.

    The Troop have soldiers trawled for Ops just like any other minor unit and if you look close enough next time you see them you'll notice a great number of them sport H & T medals.

    It would be a great shame to let the Treasurer of the day use the excuse of lease expiry to allow them to be axed.

    One_in_the_breach "I know that the RA have just relocated to larkhill, was this because their lease expired or just cos it offered better training facilities."

    Better Trg facilities could be used as a justification but i think it was to save money - plain and simple - the site is still used by the Army but kicking out the Royal Regiment freed up another site in London. History, tradition and ethos are meaningless to the beancounters. As this was done without great stirrings in the Royal Regiment I fear for the future of the Troop.

  8. It will be a sed day if they do go. I annoys me when people just discard our heritage as if it dosent matter when people have fought and died for it.
    While on the other hand Our country is flooded with immigrants who have nothing to offer our country apart from desease and a higher crime rate. Sad but very true.

  9. I have to admit I have been a detractor of the troop in the past, truth be told I have no problem with them or people who serve there, I just have an issue of those who make a career out of it thats all

    But getting back on track, I heard a rumour about a move back to woolwich, not sure if there is any stable or what the cost and wheter its practical but I for one would be happy at this arangement
  10. It's going to get very busy around Woolwich, the Foot Guards (London) Companies are moving there soon.
  11. I find it odd that a gunner would post such a question on this forum when as his name shows he can't even spell BREECH. I would hav ethought no matter how bad yuor spelling as a member of the Royal Regiment you would understand the difference between BREACH and BREECH>
  12. Odd that a gunner asks questions about Larkhill too.

    What is your history "one in the breach"? Have you served or are you a civvie?
  13. I'm not a Gunner and have never been a fan of the resource that the Army pours into ceremonial / public duties.......


    IMHO our ethos, culture and heritage have been subject to bean-counter and politically expedient corrosion for too long. Where is the bean counter prepared to look at the lost opportunity cost of NOT:

    1. Supporting tourism in London.
    2. Providing UK based units and individual posts, to give folks a bit of harmony time between tours. ( retention anyone?)
    3. Keeping the Army in the public eye as a means to informing an increasingly distant populus and engaging with potential recruits.
    4. Maintaining the rich traditions and values of the British Army, which despite our shoddy support, still produces the most professional soldiers in the world.

    If they want an Army that behaves like the RAF, then carry on.

    Being from a Corps myself, I also found it a handy place to get your tailoring done and Sam Browne sorted out. If it also provides a home for one or two keen equestrians, I'm not going to complain if the Army is seen to excell in some sports. I don't think Dame Kelly has done us much harm.

    Some of the girls don't look too bad in Overalls / Jhodpurs either

    Or are we now expected to form our own pressure group to lobby ( between op tours ) for what used to be a right?

    Was the 36 Grays Lane campaign a one-off, or is it a sign of the future??

    Sooooo glad I'm a civvy now :cry:
  14. Even as an old fart steam Gunner I have always enjoyed watching King's Troop,bring a nice splash of colour and dash to any event they attend.It would indeed be a very sad day if they went,but fortunately cannot see that.
    Also it should perhaps be remembered that the reason we serve/served is to protect and ensure peoples freedom of choice! and that includes the job they choose to do.
  15. So they're not getting M110's then?