The future of the Corps (Have we got a future)?

Discussion in 'REME' started by A_Mech, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. So i have now had time to recover from the ordeal that was the REME Conf in Arborfield a couple of weeks ago and something is still bugging me. We are apparently preparing to move the home of the Corps and all REME Trg to a new site in the next few years, but the bloodhound car is more important that our future. Well if you consider the amount of time and effort given on the bloodhound briefing compared to the amount of time and lack of effort given for the brief on the new home of the Corps you would also think were are doomed.
    Is it just me or were you also a tad hacked off at the lack of direction given or effort shown in passing on the future plans. As a SNCOs we are tasked to keep our soldiers in check and implement the will of the chain of command, how the bloody hell are we supposed to do that if we are kept in the dark?
  2. And i thought it was just another action packed day in the Corps. But thinking about it you have a point.
  3. Been out 18 months now, nice to see things don't seem to have changed.
  4. There's a REME Conference?! Is it invite only?

    Edited to remove 'kisses' from end of post. ...I don't love you, even a little bit.

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  5. What is it you were hoping to find out about?

    The move to Lyneham is about 99% assured as there isnt really a plan B. For every month REME is still located in Arborfield the MoD will have to pay £1.5M to Wokingham borough council. Working back it basically means that SEAE will have to have moved out by about November to tie in hand over and silly season.
    Work with Pickfords has already gone ahead and by all accounts moving the school, Regt HQ and the RAS is relatively straight forward. Moving the Museum is proving to be the tricky bit due to the amount of kit there.
    There is a thought that once buildings become available in Lyneham we can start to move kit over but as there are a lot of new builds we will also have to wait till snagging etc is done.
    What else?
  6. Just for my information is the REME Museum the Look alike Guardroom or is that a different location?
  7. Sparky, you should work in CDCSS. Thats much more info than they briefed at the Conf which was the original point i think.
  8. Yeah I know mate but at least someone is saying something! & no thanks on the job offer by the way! ;)
  9. Its just inside of Hazebrouk Barracks but not inside the wire. If you come into camp and take the first right it is there. Wouldn't describe it as looking like an old guardroom though
  10. I think he's referring to the old Poperhinge Barracks Guardroom some of us remember fondly (or not):

    poperhinge guardroom.jpg
  11. Correct. So that's put me right; that's the old guardroom not the museum. Marched smartly passed said guardroom building many a time in 1959/1960 on way out on the town - hairs standing up on back of neck waiting for the unwelcome roar from the PR sergeant: "YOU" get your arse over here on the double" or words to that effect, then to be inspected and denied exit. Spent many an evening doing kit changes and reporting for the 2200 orderly officers inspection on the verandah in FSMO. 7 days confined to barracks could quickly turn into 14 days if your kit wasn't up to scratch.
  12. Part of the museum is a replica of part of the old guardroom. Are they planning to take the old depot gates with them when they move. Currently the old gates have been re-erected just in front of the museum.
  13. Yeah the old college gates and the bell tower will be going to Lyneham.

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  14. I think it was the Garrison post office/everythig shop when I joined in 1979.
  15. Very much a Guardroom in 1975. Went back to have a pint in the Brams (I have no idea why) in 1976 and it was still a functioning guardroom. IIRC the similar building directly opposite was the Orderly Room and Pay Office.