The future of (TA) Signals?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LeBuzzer, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. Lifted the above from the CFT thread. Yeah I agree that we are begining to solely rely on civilian skills. Its more apparent in some units than others, especially those with (very) modern kit in the larger cities.
    This expertise seems to be concentrated in groups of SNCO's and officers, (and a few sigs and JNCO's)

    I don't understand why we seem to have gained a large skills gap between ORs and officers/SNCO's? (Tempted to think their civilian skill are pushing them far above their fellow soldiers and they are gaining accelerated promotion).

    This won't be apparent (yet) in many units, but units that have modern kit have already created the 'specialist TA IS pool' and we will never be able to train soldiers upto the required standards ever again. as the time needed to train is not economical.

    The above is not intended as a whinge, more a discusion.

    Having officers understand comms is a pain in the ass as it creates multiple chains of command frequently the same problem is being resolved by the two different rank groups :twisted: :twisted:
  2. I was in TA sigs back in 1992 and it was exactly the same which is why i left.
  3. I must congratulate you on your professional attitude - well done!

    There is only one chain of command - whether you are an officer or a soldier, you are part of it. R Signals Officers must understand communications (understand, not replace tradesmen's skills) if we are to have a professional army. To argue otherwise is immature and unprofessional.
  4. Nearly agree totally, rightly as you say officers should not replace tradesmen (and really thats the way we behave, SNCO's managing comms, I said that to emphasis a point).

    I think the TA is evolving along different lines because it has technical officers, for example our expert on active directory is an officer as is the expert on web design, our DBA/Interoperability expert is a TA YofS, DII and MS Exchange experts are radio operators. I trust you'll see our 'rich' skill set is all over the place both in subjects, trades and ranks.
    Also you'll have the confusing situation where RS Op Cpl speaks to the YofS, who then tasks the Maj to configure XYZ for the Cpl :!: (becasue thats whats needed to get the job done and the most efficient)
    I don't think this makes us unprofessional but maybe we are new to applying this to a military structure.

    It was all so simple when we had NCRS/Ptarmigan/Clansman
  5. Clansman - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :p
  6. "Larkspur" trumps that ..... Lots of dials to twiddle.

    .... and then there was the first system I worked on - Pye Westminster fitted in the back of a lightweight FFR. The next time I saw one it was in a Taxi !! An early example of COTS I suppose.
  7. wait til you get Bowman light .

    'Light' in the sense that it's a man pack strapped into a vehicle and there won't be much of it anyway.

    One Army?
  8. " I'll believe in One Army when they issue me with a decent waterproof"

    Col, later Brigadier Richard Holmes, addressing a TA course when Goretex had been available in the Regular Army for years and we still only got ponchos......

    At least we do all now get about the same kit issue.
  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    Gents, I'm ex R Signals, out and thinking about joining in the West Midlands region, can one of you drop me a PM with what sort of kit your working on and roles exercises/jobs you've been doingl? Not sure if I want to take a step back and work in Ptarmigan again but am still interested in doing the job. Cheers.
  10. two types of units in your area: 35 Sigs with Ptarmigan (no IT kit), they'd spend a bit of time doing maintenance, training seems to focus on Relay Ops, with Operator trades going through the motions.

    37 Sigs has more modern equipment and the main trade is ICS Op - which is a merge of DTG & RTG or Switch Bitch and Rad Op. Mainly use modern Equipment includes Airwave, dial up RLI laptops, mobile phones, mobile ISDN (and other associated kit) and man pack Clansman/Bowman HF. First regiment is more typical army and latter more a UK infrastructure unit (uses a lot of civ trucks)