The Future of NATO/UN/EU/life as we know it


So we have got NATO in a tangle as the French and the Germans pussy out (or whatever u want to call it)
We have us and the yanks ready to go for it on the one side
Numerous other NATO countries e.g. Turkey ready to go for it
Numerous other NATO countries not ready to go for it e.g. Russia

The UN is fairly inactive and indesicive on everything at the moment, people are claiming it no longer functions, others claim we should use it properly.

As a result of unrest and distrust between NATO countries the EU will be effected, possibly in trade/politics/relations

Can people see a huge break down in what little unity we had on the horizon?

Does this ******** in the middle east who fancy's rattleing his cage spell the end and/or breakdown for the above organisations?

What should we do as the UK, stick with the yanks (are longest serving allies) who we dislike for some reason and the smaller EU countries (e.g italy/turkey/spain). Or stick with the French/Germans, the main EU countries  who we also dislike.
Should we ignore the UN and thus undermine it or stick with it and be very ineifficient and indecisive?

What does the future hold?

This should be enough to spark somthing off!

Personally a Union of the north atlantic might be an idea?


We've got about as much democratic power in the US as in the EU talking shop they call a parliament so let's get out. The EU is just a great big job club for failed politicians who don't represent anyone but themselves.
Do you know who your MEP is? Have they ever bothered their arrses to tell you what values they stand for? The sad fact is that so few people know anything about what is said over there in their name and that suits the politicians just fine. :mad: :mad:  :-X


there is 19 countries in NATO why should 2 cause problems, we can do it by ourselves


"Numerous other NATO countries not ready to go for it e.g. Russia"

Russia is very much not a Nato country!


I could be entirly wrong, but I believe russia was included in the treaty in 1996.

In any case it is still a big and influencial power

Personally ex-dvr hit the spot


Tabber; Juat to put you right, (but agree with what you said) Portugal is our oldest allie, infact older 200years before America was invented.


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Russia is not in NATO.

The French have been trying to break Nato/OTAN up since the 1950's when they realised they could not use it to extend Frances interests over everyone else.
They have been trying to promote a European based defence union based round the EU since late 80's early 90's. Germany has sided with France as they also want a more Euro centre defence orginisation. BUT with the new NATO/EU members the balance of power is shifting and the cosy little Franco-German deals about the future of Europe are Now going to be much more difficult to pass and will not be accepted so readily by the newer members of the club.


So do we recon that NATO will carry on but France and Germany will be isolated?

If that happens it will be a pain in the arse geographically will it not?


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All in favour of vapeing the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, but if we nuke them all we get our own back - the fallout would land here!

Strange Frog facts:
France has the highest preportion of nuclear-generated power in W Europe.  Where are most of the power stations? - N Coast

Why? - Cos' when they melt down, the wind blows all the crap over Angleterre.

True.  What a load of Bastids.


Matt - behave yourself, you know the French get in one scrap then surrender after 5 minutes!!


We can save several million in shipping fee's by sending the lads allocated to Iraq into France instead.