the future of 1rtr

Discussion in 'RAC' started by SARIN-SUCKER, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. are they going back to tanks or staying in ressys
  2. They look better in respirators!! :D :D :D
  3. An interesting question - why do you ask?
  4. after a new job
  5. Likely to stay CBRN for the forseeable future, they still have an armoured squadron in Warminster though which gets considerably more tank time than any other armoured unit in the Army.

    The future obviously is not certain but they are now the worlds best CBRN troops as well as being fine Tankies.
  6. yes they are good at cbrn i served with them for two years ,just wondering what the future holds.
  7. Give it 2 years and I think everyone in the RAC will have a clearer view of what the future holds corps wide.
  8. How likely is it that 1RTR will continue to have tanks for the foreseeable future ? Will the time come when the powers at be strip them of the tanks, and due to the high standards on the NBC side, and give them nothing but the CBRN?
  9. I've got a horrible feeling that once 2RTR are back in Tidworth with KRH (becoming QRH end of 2007 I believe) the Opfor/Crew Comd/Tp Ldr course duties will be shared between them, possibly meaning A Sqn 1RTR going back to the face-wellies too. Unfortunately this isn't my own little fantasy but a rumour I've heard from those well above my pay scale.
  10. We all know how well rumour control is to be trusted though don't we Brillo? When are the mighty Second due to come back to the Uk anyway?!

    Can't be too long till you get to sew on the dogs bollox can it?!
  11. There are no plans to "arms plot" another regiment into the CBRN role in place of 1 RTR. This was looked at but the cost element and loss of expertise made this a non starter. It is a concern within 1 RTR that the arrival of 2 RTR in Tidworth in 2007 might mean A Sqn going to CBRN with the rest of the regiment and 2 RTR taking over the Warminster duties currently held by A Sqn 1RTR
  12. We know what that means when 2RTR are back in Tidders.Knock off Friday dinner time,fill up with combatgas and a mad rush for the west country...just like the last time in the 70's :lol: :lol: :lol: B4 the 3rd joined the 2nd.
  13. It was the 90's K*n :wink:
  14. some of us wuz there in the 70's,when A Sqn wuz in warminster. :lol:
  15. Yeah i no mate, how's the sign doing now fella? Do you still work with L** M*tch*ll? If so can you le him know i'm trying to get hold of him.

    As for thr future of the First, i reckon it could be more to the point of the future of the Second bearing in mind on amalgamation they always go to the lowest number etc - can't imagine that they're gona keep loads of armoured units around for ages, it's not like they aint busier than ever is it now??? :cry: