the future for the TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nurse, Sep 20, 2003.

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  1. since I can't put the full title i'd like in the box here it is.

    Is the Future of the T.A. closer integration with the regular army? Discuss
  2. well obviousesly the immediate future for a lot of us is staging on in the desert (damn should have transferred to medics when i had the chance :) )
    The last lecture i had on this said as our battalion none deployable as lack of hq element 1st I Knew of it .The latest plan was for each coy would aim to deploy plt to reg Battalion ? this seems eminently
    sensible and a doable misson for ta as genral war and immediate threat to uk unlikely .So Army would not need entire coy but could chose a plt
    of well motivated soldiers . Though we would need the same mix of weapons and comms gear as regular battalion and some experince of vechicles which could be tricky if are sister battalion armoured hardly think going to lend us a couple of warriors for weekend .
    At moment cheap stock of manpower good recruiting tool how many recruit go regular ? ,and a means to retain personnal who quit regulars but still have valuble experince to pass on.
    But probably future same as past muddling on dying slowly of cuts
    present gov hates forces though continual uses them hates ta as seen as
    working class tories.
    And making us like national guard too exspensive and upset too many employers
  3. agree with alot of that. Your point about pairing BN's s interesting. If for example 1st royal Blankshires were a warrior crew BN and provided fire support coy, Hq Coy and the warrior crews (getting paid as armoured crewmen) is it not feasable to train the 4th(v) bn Blankshires as the sections in the back?
  4. I think the future of the TA will definately involve closer integration with the Regs. I think that it will soon be acknowledged that it is hight unlikely for any TA unit or sub unit to deploy as a unit, unless in times of national crisis and iminent invasion by the French.

    What will happen is that each Sub unit will be affiliated to a Regular sub-unit, and there will be close ties to that sub-unit , with the idea being that in the event of a call out the TA will re-inforce the regular unit. Thus allowing the people to know who they are likely to seve with, know the unit personalities etc. This will result in more joint TA/Reg exercises, sports functions, dinners, piss ups and social events so that the bonds of friendship, are are there.

    I know the 'heads of sheds' and Doctrine Nazis at DGD&D are already suggesting this. Seems like a good idea to me.

    What do you think? I think it would help me if i knew exactly where I was going to serve (more or less), rather than just being called up to a Regiment of the same cap-badge, and serve with a unit with the same role as mine.

  5. TA are deploying as formed units/sub-units now. TA Inf Bns are providing independent Coys with their own missions on TELIC 2 and 3 and have been warned off to do the same on for TELIC 4. The deployable sub-unit is here to stay as long as TELIC continues.

    Only problem is that there is not enough TA Inf left to do the job. SDR cut TA Inf down to 13 Bns from 32. So standby TA Gunners, sappers and the HAC - you'll be stagging on by the time Telic 6 or 7 comes round (my bet is we'll see them deploy on TELIC 4)
  6. msr

    msr LE


    You are closer to the truth here than I think you realise...

  7. Lets hope not eh?
  8. why do you say that?
    The way things have worked out on Telic I would sugest theat integration will be the way forward.
  9. All very true, but the stagging on part will be a waste of resorses. We had a chap mobilised and sent on Telic 1, as a trooper, he manned a gate for 5 months and then someone realised he was one of the best IT programmers and de-buggers in the country. So the Army then moved him into the HQ for 1 month where he sorted all their machines and then asked him to extend. Guess what? He told them to stick it up their arses and **** off whilst they were doing it!

    A unit like the HAC is trained for a very specific role, it is the only unit of its type in NATO, as in it is TA and it's role. Normally the role is done by regulars. If the Army mobilises the HAC with all the added costs of COLI and loss of earnings and then makes them man a gate then the person that order's that should be retired and sent to a home for the severly stupid!

    The other possibility is that the Govt gets HMQII to sign a new order empowering call up for for another tour within the three year clear zone. Once you have been compusory mobilised for over 6 months then that is it for three years.

    Or is it? Watch this space! The Blair Machine may suprise us all yet!
  10. You lot in the uk think you got it bad eh , try being a T.A . troop in a regular unit in Germany! Then you can start chuntering about working along side the reg´s javascript:emoticon(':twisted:')
  11. Way too many TA AMS were deployed on Telic 1, all those personnel from 202 didnt really need to go out when they did, should have been held in reserve in the UK until needed rather than going out, taking over from an established regular fd hosp, which in turn has led to mucho unhappiness and of course we wouldnt have had the incidents of TA personnel scared and shivering under tables and refusing to unload casualties from blackhawk helicopters cos they thought it was too dangerous, leaving the job to the chaps from 33 to do.
  12. hope those idiots who did that .If its true were charged and kicked out
    let hac stag not as if they ever done anything productive anyway :)
  13. Even this is understating the cuts. Two Bns I know merged to become one but the cut was more than the half it appears. The number of Coys went from a total of 8 to 3, and the number of TACs from 18 to 6.

    What about the CCRFs? Does the TA have the manpower (excluding the sick and untrained) to do everything it is being asked to do overseas and be available at home?
  14. theatreman 202 dealt with twice as many patients as all the regular field hospitals put together????
    Added to that 34 was neary 50/50 maned by TA an 33 had a proportion of TA as well.
  15. theatrman who were you with at coyote? I watched the incident with the blackhawk from centurion lines. My understanding is no one refused to go and deal with the blackhawk but they wern't aware of it arriving. it would appear never let the truth get in the way of a good story