The future for Ex-RAF Lyneham

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Invicta, Jan 28, 2012.

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  1. I saw this on the local news down in Wiltshire on Thursday:

    BBC News - MoD reveals RAF Lyneham defence training centre plans

    The site will re-open as the new home of the Defence Technical Training Change Programme centre at some point before 2015, which is relocating from Shropshire. The last crabs will be out by September this year.

    MoD spokesman, Captain John Sutherland, said that "We call it defence technical training and it's training throughout the careers of navy, Army and airforce staff in three branches of engineering, aeronautical, electro-mechanical, and communications and information systems".

    I had speculated in the past that Lyneham could have been used as a new home for 101 Log Bde or other Units returning from Germany, though have been proved wrong in this case. However, Lyneham is a large site and who knows what else could be moved there to free up other sites for disposal.
  2. Genuine question - did you mean 102 Log Bde?
  3. What's happening to all the land at St Athan where the last Joint College of Technical Trades was supposed to go?
  4. Yes, I did. My bad.
  5. But I presume they already have space there though. Surely the new school was going to go on previously unused land there?
  6. Key dates

    • Formal assessment phase commences: August 2012
    • Planned closure of RAF Lyneham: December 2012
    • Submit planning application: mid 2013
    • Start of construction on Tranche 1: January 2014
    • End of construction on Tranche 1: end of 2015
    • Moving in / training: end of 2015
    • The long term goal is to move more MOD Technical Training Units into Lyneham, in a series of tranches that stretch beyond 2015.
  7. Have they sold all the pads yet?
  8. No, they are still in use for SP working at Brize Norton. On a separate matter, the airfield (actually, originally 2 airfields and a maintenance unit) were requisitioned under Emergency Legislation in 1938. As a result there is no net realisable value for the site as IDF to be disposed of, it has to be offered back to the original owners or their descendants at the unimproved value (£25,000) not to mention the extensive ground pollution (hydrocarbons, heavy metals and radon paint, inter alia).
  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    they wanted to sell innsworth up near me until they discovered they paid 20k for it and it wouldn't get the millions they thought. the original family were rubbing their hands in anticipation as they had made a mint off a previous sell off.

    I thought it was still a standby field for brize, like rissington?
  10. Plans for the £230m redevelopment of the former RAF Lyneham airbase have been approved by Wiltshire Council.

    The proposals will create about 1,700 jobs and include a military college which will train thousands of students from all three of the armed forces.

    The project will see the demolition of the base's Chapel of Rest, which about 6,000 people signed a petition against.

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said it will build a garden of remembrance in its place.

    An MoD spokesperson said the garden would be publicly accessible and form part of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Museum of Technology, which will be relocated from its current site at Bordon in Hampshire as part of the plans.
  11. I heard REME are moving in there starting next month. They've already flogged off one of their old colleges.
  12. The problem MOD are coming up against is the Crickel Down case where, put very simply, requisitioned land has to be offered back to the owners or their family as most of the original owners are long gone for the value when it was requisitioned. Expect to see alot of old airfields being used for military purposes for all three services as they formed the bulk of property requisitioned by the various departments that now comprise the MOD in the late 30s/early 40s.

    Some old garrisons have covenants that if the land is to discontinue in military use it will revert to the descendants of the original grantors who gave the land for military purposes, an example that springs to mind is Woolwich, some several £billion real estate in London which I suspect the government would have loved to have sold were it not for the said covenants or so I have heard.
  13. It won't create 1.700 jobs as most if not all of them already exist. What it may do is re-locate people who wish to remain in their jobs and offer up the vacancies to the jobs market caused by those who won't or can't move.
  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    hence one idea for the military to get into the hospitals business a few years back to suppliment the NHS instead of bupa - needless to say the AMS was shitcanned soon after
  15. REME have been deeply involved with the planning for the future of the site for some time, the project officer is a very well experienced Lt Col who deserves a pat on the back.