The future...Do you believe what the CIA predicts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rintelen, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. The CIA predict that one day China will be the richest nation on Earth, but with a very poor population. They predict a possible conflict over oil, gas, coal and other natural resources, starting on the border of China and the Russian allies (north of china) and Taiwan/Japan.
  2. CIA predictions? Don't make me laugh.

    Like how they predicted 9/11, WMD in Iraq, location of OBL....etc, etc? Their budget is in the region of $4 billion a year (not including 'Black' stuff). Money well spent?

    I could ask any secondary school kid to give me exactly the same synopsis for nothing more than the cost of a bag of chips and an offer of some free puppies ffs.

    The CIA's biggest and most used Int gathering tool is Google and it shows in their previously 'excellent' record of predicting the world and all the naughty people in it. Basically, they report what Bush and his clothed chimps want to hear.
  3. Intelligence? Nothing is intelligent when the sceptic government is concerned.

    The only thing intelligent is not to listen to them.
  4. Leopards never change their spots do they? :wink: :D
  5. It's a hobby. :D
  6. This sounds a bit like 'The Bear & the Dragon'. do you think the CIA read Clancy?
  7. Shhh dont talk about Clancy his works are classified intel'

    More worrying is Robert Ludlums moscow vector!
  8. This scenario was predicted by an English author, C. Bruce Sibley, in his book 'Surviving Doomsday' published in 1977.

    Just about sums the CIA up when they have to copy their intel from the survivalist press.

    Then again they are Septics.
  9. The CIA predict what they want to happen. They probably employ some pikey to look into a crystal ball smeared in sh1t and say 'oh war in Iran is inevitable'
  10. You've only got to watch the price of raw materials like metals going through the roof to get a picture of Chinese expansion. The septics are not entirely wrong.

    Both India and China are going to be huge players in time to come; lots more of them, now full-on industrialising, they've got much cheaper overheads so can undercut the western markets with ease. This is why most businesses in the west are now outsourcing both invisible and visible production to these countries.

    Name any multinational, and you will find they are outsourcing something to either China or India, or both.

    Demographics dictates that if they turn into the sorts of consumers we are in the west, they will far surpass us in income and manufacturing prowess.

  11. That pikey is called the US Arms industry or commonly known as most of Bush relatives.......................
  12. Has anyone tried a call-centre in the UK, only to be answered by a sub continental who cannot speak English?

    May love visiting China & India but I hate outsourcing!
  13. Not unless they incite the fight themselves. Richest nation, poor population? How is that even possible? What a pile of hooey. China has 300 million people in the middle class, which is about the entire population of the US.

    The Chinese haven't even begun to grow rich.

    BTW what are your sources rintelen?
  14. Scary isn't it. Methinks we are going to have to re-evaluate stuff!
  15. Oi Hawkwind fan,
    We like a few links around here, just to show you're not just pulling this stuff out of your ass.