The Future Corps

Discussion in 'REME' started by Army_Rizzle, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. Where does everyone see the REME after Defence 2020 or whatever they're calling it. (If the REME still exists of course).
  2. As a mostly fond distant memory :) as i will have been out about 8 yrs by was better in my youth anyway, its all got way too serious now.
  3. AR this debate has been going on since I joined in 1988, Option to change in the early 90's and if you speak to some of the old boys probably well before that, so how long is a piece of string. Problem is it doesn't matter whats happening now and what policies they have in Government as when the next Government comes in or the shit hit the fan we will be back to plan Z. It just depends if we hold out till then or we are all consumed by the RLC. Hopefully though we will go full circle and all be back First Line looking after the kit and being part of the Units we support.
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  4. Everybody in the Corps will be off skiing and filling The Craftsman with pictures of the DEME falling arse over tit on a plank of wood on a mountainside to be too busy to notice the one remaining bod on the shopfloor muttering how the rest of them are a bunch of work dodging *****.
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  5. Equidistant from the centre you plonker ;-)
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  6. Tiff when you lot did all that boring stuff I went to the back of the class with the stop using big words.
  7. I hear Bordons moving too! Thoughts.
  8. One man on the shop floor on his own - surely that is too much of a Health and Safety risk - looks like the shop floor will be bare!
  9. I believe Tfh was referring to the movement of the Eurasian Plate, as a result of divergent plate boundary forces.
  10. My money's on you being the CASM.
  11. Was my attempt at a joke, cunty bollocks.
  12. Whoosh!
  13. Stage 1: Whole Fleet Management becomes Whole Fleet Storage.

    Stage 2: UOR and core EP is scrapped due to downgrading to militia status.

    Stage 3: New fleet of lightweight environmentally-friendly town centre runarounds brought into service.

    Stage 4: REME TUPE'd across to Ryder.
  14. AR is one of our coverall exchangers, careful he's probably got a 1033 with your name on.
  15. The Future Corps.... That's easy, when the Bordon Kebeb van moves.....Follow it!