The funny things that they do.........

I just walked in on my mother talking to some distant aunt or someone telling her what im doing with my life. The old dear told her that im in Welbeck and am going to join the "engineer dragoon guards"
had to share that with some body!


Mother's never get it right i was in 3para and i started life in the army foundation college three years into my career she still told people i was in training at AFC so i still looked like a fooking red arse recruit even tho i did three years in the para's and two tours of iraq and one of NI and thanks to my mum most people think i'm the worlds oldest recruit or sumfin hahaha !!!!!
taric said:
Mother's never get it right i was in 3para ......
If I was in the Mortar Platoon I would be quite happy if my Mother thought I was still at Harrogate ACF.....

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