The Fuckwits Have Landed

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by toffeewrapper1, May 21, 2012.

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  1. They have now invaded the RE facepest site. 553405_296199183802808_100002381857856_620137_1871693750_n.jpg Is there no escaping them?
  2. I'm wearing my Frey Bentos tin and Flora London marathon space blanket even as I type.
    They won't take me alive!
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  3. I'm a fellow of the worshipful guild of dolphin trainers. I've got an NVQ3 in the fucker. Imagine how threaders we get when these bootnecks pongoes and matelots start walting as us in various nightclubs. My mate (An exocet pilot) is equally outraged.

    Walting works both ways you know.
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  4. As a 17 stone fireman from Stoke, I have no comment.

    Where's my postcard fucko?
  5. They are propably looking for the 33 hardcore elite members of the OCA ,tread carefully they have solicitors letters in their handbags!!
  6. That has got Tierney, Paterson and Wade written all over it.

    I might have to call out the ILF.
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  7. I bet you look a right bonny bugger too.
  8. I can't make my mind up which is the sadder, the walts or these loonytunes.
  9. DO NOT VISIT THEIR WEBSITE! There's malware encoded in it and it's a barsteward to get rid of.
  10. I did happen to mention on the RE site that one of the main protagonists was a shirt lifting cabin crew member from a budget airline......should I now be worried?

    GM . Love your new sig block!!
  11. Nah, just take the tablets as prescribed & it should clear up nicely.
  12. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Seconded - the website has picked up a nasty virus. It is trying to infect other computers as a way of attacking further websites.

    In particular, if you run your own websites, visiting the Walter Mitty Hunt website is not a good idea. If the virus gets past your anti-virus protection, your own websites will be infected.

  13. Isn't that quite ironic considering that Timmy is a self-confessed Web design genius?
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  14. What virus are we talking about? I just visited it and no viruses were detected.
  15. we could conterbalance this with a site offering advice to the walts of the future.

    try not to wear medals from conflicts that occurred before you were born, helicopters dont crash with lone survivors all that often so avoid these types of storylines, avoid making your own dress uniform, that sort of thing.
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