The fruits of democracy in Iraq....

...from the evil Mirror!


By Justin Penrose

SADDAM Hussein is planning to stand in elections to reclaim the Iraqi presidency from his jail cell.

The former tyrant - captured in an underground bunker last year - has told advisers that he wants his name on the ballot paper for the January elections.

His legal team were only granted access to the former leader last week, nine months after he was caught.

Hussein, 67, who is no longer in Iraq but in a secret location, has said he is determined to stand as President and put up candidates from his old Ba'ath Party. His lawyer Giovanni di Stefano said there was no chance of his client being tried before the January elections as the Interim Government had hoped.

"It is the intention of his excellency President Saddam Hussein not only to candidate members of the Ba'ath Party in the January elections but to candidate himself as President. Nothing in international law or international jurisprudence precludes that.

Mr di Stefano, who said that Hussein has still not been charged, added: "In light of the worsening situation in Iraq, the instability and lack of leadership it is probable that he would have a majority vote more than sufficient to restore him to the rightful President of Iraq.

"In the last elections he received 98 per cent of the vote and in a recent poll conducted by Gallup on behalf of the state 40 per cent of those polled voted for Saddam to be executed and 42 per cent elected for him to be reinstated as President.

"That was five months ago."
If he goes on hunger strike, I'll promise I'll vote for him.

It worked for Bobby Sands OK :lol:
Hence the Irish Slimmer of the Year anthem:

"Could ye go a chicken supper, Bobby Sands,
"Could ye go a chicken supper, Bobby Sands,
"Could ye go a chicken supper,
"Ye filthy Provo fcuker,
"Could ye go a chicken supper, Bobby Sands"

And they said culture was dead in the province...... :lol:

Almost as good as the Maroon Machine's Bloody Sunday number.
What fruits?

Could we list some of them?
Whilst I'm not sure about the democracy bit.....

*- The dollar is now acceptable tender in town. Handy if you had a lot left over from your former slush fund.

*- If you put your satellite dish up now, you only stand to have your house burgled. Before that, you went to straight to jail, then the burglars came round.

*- You can hook up to lucent's broadband serice for free, because there are now so many vanilla default wireless access points operated by clueless americans.

*- There is still a healthy market for british army wooly pullis amongs the US guest worker community. My cousin still has thousands left.

*- brilliant phone reception, if you have CDMA

*- some of us can get 32 flavours of ice cream

*- but many more of us have still not got the water supply back on

don't blame me, I didn't vote for them.....

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