The Friendly Invasion


If you go to Hornchurch in Essex where there was one of the most vital air fields that was used in ww2 there is now a big houseing estate all the roads named after the air-men american,canadian,chezch,polish has a museum near by in pitsea which is quite interesting ww2 bomb's and spitfires ect which were found in the Rainham marshes which used to get set on fire to replicate London burning.

Also some twat called sanders draper crashed hes spitfire into a school there during ww2 and apparently a top luftwaffe general visited before the war 35/36 was mapping out places of strategic significance to the germans for bombings to disrupt the british war effort but fort nothing of it because it only had a grass runway which to the generals belife wasnt substancial for any air craft that could cause any real threat to the luftwaffe or the german war effort.

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