The Friday Night "Coming out" thread

Deadly weapon, the Handbag.

Big Gloria in Eric's could kill with hers from a range of 30 feet.


I confess, I am a relative of Spartacus
Were you on the balcony with me?
Dear All, it's time for me to admit that I am a complete walt. I have been living a double life on arrse for some years now. The incessant beatings I have received from DaManDrugs on here have taken their toll on me, I can no longer cope with pretending to be the mild mannered never-served civvy slacker who doesn't know THAT rifle from an AK47.

I am, in fact, a long serving member of that regiment which shall not be mentioned. I reached the rank of Major, which will be attested to by my comrade @stacker1 or, should I say, Colonel Stacker1. Sorry about the Persec mate, but it had to be done.

Yes, I was the mysterious figure on that balcony, the one hiding behind the curtains on THAT Sunday, and the one who helped the Colonel with the Golden Gun into the drain. I was on the airbase sitting on the wheel of a Super Etendard when Mikado was called off and I went blackface in Iraq.

I'm sorry to have deceived you all for so long, please accept my apologies and feel free to out yourselves.
You’re Gen


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I watched the Green Berets movie in a bar when I was shit-faced once. :? It seemed disrespectful to turn off Duke Wayne.

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At least their berets are reasonably well shaped compared to some of the helicopter landing pads seen these days in film and TV.


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How many times were your family killed ?
Anything less than twice and I call walt.


Third time lucky.
If this one goes down in this location then we'll all just stand on the helideck and wait for the Kustwacht.

If it settles on an even keel, that is...

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