The Fricker Curse strikes again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. Seems that Fricker may be related to the Emperor Mong as he seems to encourage young idiots to an untimely demise.

    A teenager has died in hospital after the car he was travelling in crashed while being followed by police. Dorset Police said officers investigating reports of a petrol station fuel theft had tried to stop a car in the early hours of Sunday.

    Petrol Thief snuffs it
  2. Not another poor Micra? RIP jap shite
  3. My Aliarse still frequents the Fricker Facebook group, do we have a name for this little soulja?
  4. Oh dear what a shame. No doubt he was just a good kid, a loveable rogue - fortunately now he is a dead one.
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  5. Not yet, the relatives need to set up the Chav shrine and FB page first
  6. So the petrol station's going to be hit again, this time for flowers?
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  7. It's awful dusty in here. Maybe his Ma will be able to get a refund on the bling she has bought him from Elizabeth Duke currently sitting under her Christmas Tree.
  8. I've no idea what fricker is, but if you google it, the flickr account under the name fricker has some pretty girls in it. They don't get their tits out though, just to warn you.
  9. The Little Solja who was Fricker, (may the lampost Rest In Peace) was a little scrote that killed himself in a stolen car. The general outpouring of grief by the Chav classes was something of akin to the Diana episode. Some members of ARRSE pointed out on his his FB page he was not a little Soldier who was a really nice chap, but a thieving chav toe rag that deserved to wrap himself around a lamp post.
  10. Hehehe Darwins lamp post was my favourite poster on the Frickerpages
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  11. Perhaps we should all donate some petrol in his name. Just drop some through the letterbox.
  12. Cheers! I'm guessing our white working class representatives didn't necessarily appreciate the intrusion by ARRSE into their world?
  13. It was a lively debate, mainly ARRSER's asking for translators before they could respond in their normal witty and constructive way.
  14. It really was one of those times when the Membership of ARRSE banded together, scuse me bit dusty in ere