The French - What are they For?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Albertous, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Now not wanting to start a religious debate but why did God or whoever/whatever super force is out there, invent the French? Was it because He knew one day the British Army would have bayonets or was it just to make every other nation feel better about themselves? Discuss.
  2. they are there for Englishmen to practice shooting arrows into...............
  3. Have you just been dumped by a Frenchman?

    What does b-s stand for, bullshit?
  4. Ah, the Auld Alliance kicking in... :wink:
  5. They give the Germans somewhere to carry out military manoeuvers.
  6. No that was the pub where Stan Collymore kicked Ulrika in.

    I prefer to drink in the Pure Malt myself :)
  7. Yep... they both have something in common regarding many a military defeat at the hands of their English btters. :wink:
  8. Ah, that pub!

    In answer to the OP, I've come across some real French cnuts. On the other hand, I'd have to say that I've met many more decent Frenchmen and women, both serving and civvies. The thousands of Brits who up sticks and move to France would provide some endorsement to that and to their way of life. And if the OP is going for a "war-dodging surrender monkey" theme, I'd suggest she has a look at what happened to those poor French servicemen taken alive by the Taliban, and perhaps do a bit of reading on WW1 (especially Verdun) to understand their outlook on war.

    Besides, if you want a bunch of useless Europeans to b1tch about, I give to you... the Italians! :x
  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the French, they just lack Englishness.
  10. But after Agincourt the French won the battles of Formigny and Castillion, the later a virtual whitewash, plus they kind of won the hundred years war :p
  11. Never trust a country that spends more time in a world cup than it does in a world war.
  12. well as utterly disturbing as it is, the purpose of the french, now, is to make all our explosives. :roll:
  13. Actually, I was being a tad unkind. They do have us beaten fair and square in some areas. Why can't she read our news? You don't have to understand French to appreciate just what a spectacularly talented journalist she is.
  14. Their women have been put upon this planet for the express purpose of plucking ripe grapes from the vine squeezing them firmly between their thighs and then fermenting fine wines from the collected juices that have meandered down their sinuous legs and betwixt their perfectly formed toes.

    Not sure about the blokes though.

    N.B. In my world they all look like Carla Bruni...
  15. Pictured here with her husband Jamel Debbouze