The French to Buy the company British Energy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Thunderer, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. EDF is to buy British Energy - link

    Isn't EDF at least partly run by the French government - so that would mean they would be a major influence in British energy policy.

    Is this advisable?
  2. Is there any institution in Britain that begins "British...." that isn't already foreign-owned or at least -controlled?

    You could try taking British Gas to the Trades Description people on the grounds that the gas isn't British.

    PS Nice avatar. Did you know my Dad in India?
  3. No Puttees

    My Great Grandfather was KOYLI, in the Tirah campaign and then the Boer War. My Great Uncle served in the Boer War and then the opening stages of WWI before being wounded. On getting back to the regiment he was transferred to the PWO in Malta.
  4. Well, sucessive governments have sold all the family silver, so now we've graduated to selling the furniture as well.

    When you consider that this government brought Racal to it's knees over the Bowman HF contract and handed it to that bunch of slack jawed yokels, Harris, it was a sign of things to come and reflected in MBDA, EADS-Astrium, etc, etc. Frankly I'm surprised that there's anything left to sell
  5. Hey why not, seeing as the energy produced by Dungerness powerstation is already sent to France and then sold back to us.

    Told to me by more than one employee during my stint in Lydd.
  6. I hope that this does not mean that the letters from the Electricity Board will now become French letters.
  7. The British Taxpayer (Meaning the English taxpayer of course) will still have to fund the cost of decommissioning of older power stations.

    French Cnuts!
  8. Not to mention allow EDF to build there reliable well designed reactors here too :x

    UK PLC buy now will stocks lasts :evil:
  9. Sadly everything has a dollar value nowadays and we seem to only think short term. Grab what we can while the money is on the table and consider the consequences tomorrow. Think Rover, think Northern Rock. Thankfully we tax payers top up the coffers very nicely and can always be relied upon to foot the bill in a crisis like it or not.
  10. Yes, Edf are pretty much owned by the French state, but then EDF have owned London electricty for years already. And NPower is owned by RWE(German), and Powergen owned by EoN (German), i'm pretty sure one is spanish owned but I lose track.
    However as to whether it suddenly means they control British energy policy, wake up and smell the EU mate.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Britain doesn't have an energy policy. Witness the recent panic to enable the building of new nuclear power stations on the fast track to prevent a shortfall of capacity in a few years.
  12. I disagree, we do have an energy policy. We buy whatever we can from whoever wants to sell it at a price they want to charge, and when we can't afford it, we then pay them to build reactors to sell it back to us again.

    And it's a very good policy....for the French, the Germans, the Russians, the Spanish and even the Scottish, who are again being subsidised in their plans to erect a wind turbine over every square foot of their soil so that they can sell power to us.
  13. And surprise surprise EDF are just about to hike up there prices, there was me worring the shareholders might be scraping about for a few euros...dont worry i dont need much money :shakefist: To live :shakefist:

    'EDF Energy has announced it is putting up gas prices by 22% and electricity prices by 17% for domestic customers.'

    edited to add link
  14. This is just another product of government dropping standards in education and funding for science and engineering. We can't build this stuff anymore.