the french???? rude bastards

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by reverend_jim, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. On holiday, in malta this year, i was STUNNED BY THE TOTAL RUDENESS OF THE FRENCH.!!!!
    while queing for the coffee in the morning,(something us british are world class at..queue,s) i was horrified to see middle aged french gentlemen, barge and push elderly english ladies out of the way!!!

    any way, i informed "frenchie" that a queue system was in operation.. and he went right off!!!!
    exploded like a fcuking bomb!!!!

    i watched and listened in amazement as frenchie leapt about, all animated in front of his friends, making a scene, tho i did,nt understand 10% of what the fu ck he was babbling on about... tho the conversation did end like this..
    me.... " parla vou english??"
    him ..." wee"
    me....." fu ck off"

    now i,m normally a placid man.. but sometimes you have to be rude to get the message across. tho the french are now de-moted in my estimation of our fellow european neighbours..
    FYI, BTW , the maltese have been elevated right up there , when that evening, i was awarded a free beer by the bar-staff, who informed me that they were pissed off with the french as well. :D
  2. Middle class Indians arent no better either Was sitting on the beach in Goa and listend to the well off kids from Bombay give the lad who looked after the sunloungers outside the shacks dogs abuse
  3. It's not just the French. Out in Spain about 3yrs ago, sitting in the restaurant in the hotel and our little nipper, who was 3 at the time, was causing a bit of a scene as he didn't want to be there. Two elderly German Fraus(think they were Adolf's younger sisters) started ranting in German to each other and lokking in our direction. After about 2 mins of this, I stood up and told them in no uncertain terms how rude they were in their own language. The look on their faces was absolutely priceless, needless to say, they moved away sharpish and our part of the restaurant (full of Brits) just sat there sniggering.
  4. He was probably from Paris. They're renowned for it, even in France. Think of the difference between Londoners and the North, frinstance, and then multiply it by 1000 and you're nearly there. The Bretons, on the other hand, are almost British in their politeness. (Had to put that bit in otherwise my Bretonne wife would lynch me!)
  5. You should see the way some whites and Indians treat the poor bastards who have to work for them here in S.A. Not all are treated bad but sometimes it gets on your tittys to see it. I've kicked Indians of my property for treating workers like slaves. No need for it. After all they are not French.
  6. I have been to paris before and I would NOT go back there again if you paid me, I have met nothing but rudeness, arrogance from the waiters and got short changed when tryingot buy a Carnet but there wasn't enough Francs so they gave me a Single ticket and didnt give me a chance to give them the correct amount of money.

    Paris city of Romantics, Pah ! more a City of Pr1cks if you ask me.

    People in South western France were alright , never been to Breton but then they are not really French, more like Celts and they came from Wales and Cornwall, Nuff said.
  7. Remember Monty Pythons advice on insulting the French - Tell them you're British and they are insulted.
  8. Could be an urban mith, but... a Glasgow girl was having trouble with her youngster in a shop in Spain and gave the sprog a 'clout' around the ear.

    Two German tourists in line for the checkout looked shocked and said "In Germany we don't hit our children"

    They did not like the reply; "Well in Scotland we don't gas our Jews".

    Exit two boxheads rather sharpish...
  9. Can't agree more, those northern bunch are right rude bar stewards
  10. I was sitting in a hotel bar in Hong Kong a few years ago, and a few rich looking Indian couples came in and started snapping their fingers at the barman. They treated him like sh*t. Next time they needed serving, he made a point of ignoring them and actually came over to me and advised me that as it was a Happy hour, I was entitled to another beer free !!

    What a star - just because I had always been polite to him.

    It amazes me how some people treat staff.
  11. I've noticed that the problem always seems to come from the nouveau riche. Joe Bloggs and the Earl of Loamshire are polite and considerate, but Mr & Mrs Farkington-Smythe snap their fingers, push to the front and bark orders.

    Personally, I just tell them to f*ck off sharpish and mind their manners. If they Brits abroad I apologise to the staff on their behalf, explaining that they're too bloody ignorant to do it themselves.
  12. All that crap about Shilpa Sheeeeettttty on BB. what a joke when she's a fooking big racist!
  13. Whats the old saying? Something along the lines of

    "Someone who is nice to you but rude to staff is not a nice person".

    I was very, very surprised when I was in Paris a couple of years ago. My Lotus Esprit decided to overheat on the way into the city. Made it to the hotel and the next morning tried to find a garage that could help. Drove to a Shell garage next to the Arc de Triomphe. After two hours of them having my car up on the ramp we had worked out that of the three cooling fans two were u/s and the third was blowing the fuse every time it was required. They then escorted me to the only Lotus specialist in the city, and once I was safely there they refused to accept any payment. The Lotus garage were also superb chaps, and charged me 70euros for 3 hours work.

    I had to drastically re-evaluate my opinion of Parisiens after that.

    Here in Budapest the Germans and French are liked far more than the Brits. Why? Stupid cúnts flying over on Sleasyjet from Luton for stag weekends. If you encounter a rude ignorant wánker in Central Europe then 8/10 times the twát will be British.
  14. I was in Marrakesh recently, and the French people around me (ie 90% of the tourists) were appalling to the locals- it felt like being in French Algeria in the '40s (probably).

    A Moroccan I'd made friends with said, 'Ah, but they are not good people [ie socially] in their own country, they are very petit-bourgeois, probably provincial. They come here to feel important.'

    I dare say that's true. And re Indians, they really are awful. A guy I know went to see his family in Mumbai, and was shocked when his cousin forced a waiter in a club to admit that the champagne he was serving cost more than he earned in a month.

    edited to add: the Maltese are probably one of the best nationalities on Earth... great fun, like a drink, the men are good blokes and the women- stunning.