The French love of goostepping through Paris

It's an homage to Kim 'Young Fat' and his military advisors....or should that be advertisers, only a ragged, out of step and clearly amateurish version as befits the Gallic Seoul.

I know, I know, but Pyongyang doesn't work.....goes well with Poontang, though.


The old one but the best:

Why did Napoleon plant trees on both sides of the roads in France?

So the Germans could march in the shade!
You cal that marching?

Now this is marching:

Chinese Military Parade - YouTube
I liked the old guy clapping...probably thinking "as a party boss I can bone any of them I like". On another note I would like to point out that these "impressive" military parades do not contain any drill movements except... start, march, and stop. Usefull only for training the old human wave approach to infanteering I should have thought. George Orwell also observed that the goosestep was popular only in countries where people were afraid to poke fun at the military.
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