The French - Love 'em or Loath 'em?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by pongo6863, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. The problem with the French is that they suffer from a totally unwarranted superiority complex.
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  2. I think the French are great.

    They don't take any shit from their government and set fire to sheep, spray shite about, block motorways etc etc to show they are unhappy.

    They expect their President to have at least one mistress on the go and find nothing wrong with this, they dislike poofs, legislate against religious interference in the working of the country.

    They make decent wine and Pastis.

    And of course they are kind enough to ******* stay in France for their holidays which means you don't have to meet them.
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  3. I love em.

    My great-grandfather was French, well German French from Alsace-Lorraine. It's a shame I never inherited any of the French love making abilities or love of hairy women, cos the wife's sporting a cuff like a buffalo pelt just now.

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  4. We liberate them twice within 20 years and they can't even bring themselves to vote for us in the Eurovision song contest. Bastards, the lot of em.
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  5. I'll PM you my address - you can send her to me.

  6. I have friends who live in and around Sarrebourg,in Lorraine,call anyone of them French,and you'd better run like Usain Bolt.

    Paris,and the French Government,might just as well live on another planet,as far as they're concerned,great sense of humour too!:)
  7. They're the right side of intransigent. Loverly place and people.
  8. Never trust a nation that fights with it's feet and fucks with it's face.

    .................and Parisians are even worse.
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  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    They're too much like the English for us ever to get on. Nice place for a holiday, though.
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  10. Travelled back and forward through there last month. Lovely area, the locals clearly are not true Frenchies, they understand the concept of driving reasonably sensibly.
  11. France and the French are going to the dogs; the France that the UK loves will be gone in 50 years' time if that. Enjoy it while you can and before wine and pastis is replaced by mint tea.

    For the rest, I agree with most comments here, especially the nasty ones that are still well below the truth.
  12. Not too much wrong with the froggies, good grub, nice booze, alluring women who are generally the right side of a BMI fail.

    True we have to give them a slap every couple of centuries just to show them who is Le Pere but hey what's the odd dispute between neighbours

    If you wish to choose a nation with truly reprehensible cultures to dislike, then there are far better contenders, for example, ones who have an "alternative medicine" system based upon fat businessmen believing that the extremities of some hapless, slaughtered nearly extinct animal made into a poultice will cure their erectile dysfunction.

    Or the ones who believe that a child with bed wetting and behavioural issues is a sure sign of witchcraft and needs to be cured by the local medicine man prescribing some chickens blood, an eyeful of raw chillies and six months of moderate torture.

    N'est ce pas?
  13. They're in plague proportions in central London, ******* everywhere. Still, they don't like it up 'em.