The French in York... this week.

"Inauguration of the first French memorial in an English cathedral will take place at York Minster on October 20th. This festival is about the only two French Air Force Bomber Command Squadrons of WWII. Two and half thousand French airmen were located at RAF Elvington at the time and for 50 per cent of them, York was their last home. This is a recognition of their effort.

The main event is supported by aircraft from the French Air Force and the Royal Air Force, plus over 60 French and British organisations.

Many other events will take place at Museum Gardens, City Screen, York City Centre and Elvington.

For more detail contact Yorkshire Air Museum & Allied Air Forces Memorial."

BBC News - York remembers WWII French airmen based at Elvington
The French In York - City Of York - Visit York - E&A Details
The French in York 17

The fly-past of York Minster on Thursday will include FAF Rafales, I am led to believe.

I would not have been born but for the heroic actions of the French solders who took over my grandfathers position on the Dunkirk perimeter. Looking back he saw the area disappear under an artillery bombardment.
Mind you they did try and kill him in north Africa!

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