The French "BSE"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hellfyyr, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. I noted that France is suffering a potential crisis with a serious reported outbreak of HN51 "Bird Flu" on a poultry farm. My initial feeling was one of sympathy but then I did a quick web search and found:

    Scroll down, President Chirac comments

    Instantly supportive yet again

    France, working together to help us in our hour of need!

    I doubt we will ban any French imports, we never stick up for ourselves!

    What would happen if the alert had occurred here? Would the French be supportive again (irony)?
  2. we should do what they done to us when we had foot & mouth in this country and block all imports of their poultry until they can prove that it is free of the HN51 bird flu, but as normal we won't do anything because we don't want to upset europe. :roll:
  3. i hear they want some compensation already they were quick to ban our beef to boost there own beef exports frog tw*ts
  4. Guys, I think we're in danger of missing the point... the Frenchies have got it right... they play the European system to their ends, and as long as everyone does then it's all fair in the long run. Problem is... our politicians of recent years don't have the moral courage to do same... hence the UK lose every time.

    I'm in favour of being in the heart of Europe (better that than the septics!) but only when we start voting in politicians that believe in home country interests first... just like the French and German (and other) MEPs. Our problem is we treat MEP status as a pension fund for clapped out MPs.

    I don't post here often, so apologies for going off on one now!
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

    If there is a real threat, then yes, ban.

    But it not then let trade continue. However this has nowt to do with what is a real threat or not but how the pollies are seen in the press or rather, how they think they will be seen in the press.
  6. Sorry Auld Yin, but IMHO it's not about right and wrong... that's the mistake our politicians keep making... We joined the Eurpean ECONOMIC Community... it's all about the Economy - our Economy; it's probably the only thing that Maggies lot did understand about Europe, and we seem to have lost the focus.

    The key is when English beef is down then buy French... when French chicken is down then buy German and so on, but never, ever, buy American or Argentinian etc etc.
  7. We have had a bit of a scrap with Argentina and still need to be wary over The Falkland Islands; The emnity beyween us and France though has lasted centuries. They now take every opportunity to gain advantage over us whilst begging for our support when it suits them.

    If we support them over HN51 will they remember next time? Iraq invasion anyone?

  8. It is a disease of birds. Birds fly. It will be in the UK in a week or two. It's probably here already. Apparently ducks can carry it and show no ill effects, it only becomes noticed when it infects and kills birds of other species.

    Why ban French poultry when we can expect to be suffering the same problems shortly?
  9. Never mind the poncy turkeys/geese - what about the pheasant poults?? This is serious!
  10. Come on guys. Please put this narrow-minded, nationalistic, insular, unproductive navel-gazing to one side and come to your French brothers' aid in their hour of need. If you help us out, we could pen a new National Anthem for you - one that puts fire in your bellies - a good, stirring one like ours, as opposed to that whining, tedious dirge you've all been lip-synching to for god knows how many years, cos nobody knows any of the words after the first verse
  11. Theres no point of blocking the poorly poulet now, its most likely already in Britain from some duck thats caught it.
  12. Yes, the dirty stinking French were only too happy to keep restrictions on British beef after BSE - even when the EU said it was illegal to do so. Yet another example of the French doing what they want and sod everyone else. When Britain questions European policy we're seen as treacherous.

    Take my advice - boycott French produce.

    Perevodchik: You've got my Avatar - I've been here longer than you!!!
  13. Stop trying to pretend that you are French -- not big, not clever, not funny.
  14. Some replies edited or deleted. Keep it on topic please.

  15. Wrong!!! A lot do but you only sing the second verse in the presence of the queen.

    I say ban French imports just in case, get them back for the beef ban.