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The French again

Same question....are they ever to be trusted?

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I might be missing something here but I thought it was common knowledge that certain French businessmen in cahoots with certain French politicians families were making huge amounts out of breaking the UN sanctions. Also involved were certain Russian political parties and some very high up names in the UN itself.

I shouldn't be surprised that the press don't report these things fully after all the biggest scandal in EU politics - German fuel concessions going to Elf - the French state Petrol Co in return for large donations to a certain political party were largely ignored by the so called anti EU press.

One has got to hand it to the Frogs they sell twenty times more military eqpt to Mad Sad than we do, make fortunes out of sanction busting and encourage Saddam to resist American pressure and still manage to come out of the whole affair with the BBC and fellow Guardianistas thinking that the French hold the moral high ground.

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