The Foyle View Club

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Disco, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. Some of you may or may not know that 8 Inf Bde closes late next year as part of the move to normalisation. This will see the closure of the SNCO`s bar The Foyle View Club.

    If you ever donated an item (such as a picture etc) to the Club and would like the chance to claim it back before they are locked away somewhere in the mists of time then you need to get in touch with the Bde RSM with your details and a description of what you donated.

    The number shouldnt be too hard to locate but for those with no IT skills then send me a PM and I will pass on the number.
  2. I'm glad it's shutting down, that camp was the worst I've ever served in
  3. how can you say that? i assume you must be talking about BK, cos when it was in ebrington we had a fantastic time, 91-93... :)
  4. CRman can you PM me. I am intrigued as to who you are. I was there 90-93. As a Tech. Smashed up Saighton block, got caught. Got charged for the damage then the next week they pulled the fecker down. i will reveal more after PM
  5. Am I confused or was the Foyle View once the all ranks Bde bar
  6. Nah, the Foyle view was the SNCO and OFFRS bar. The Waterside was the JNRs. Also the foyle view was a bar in Greysteel, "a place where the duty wheels once went to pick up the badge"
  7. check your PMs supremo.
  8. Wasn't that "Greysteel - the place where the Landies drove through at full speed, and two Booties in civvies had to pull weapons to get out of". Still, Mum got a flat tyre in our motor just outside that lovely town, and I think Dad broke all speed records to get there from "work". By the time he did, of course, three passers-by had stopped to render assistance (the only thing causing trouble was getting the hubcap off), the spare tyre was fitted, and we were ready to drive off...

    ... I seem to remember piping at/after Harry P's LS&GC presentation in the Foyle view, but I was only little... it's right up there with vague memories of a bar in Lisburn that I got taken into once because Dad was babysitting, and which I now suspect to have been the Greenfly...
  9. I agree with CR Ebrington was fantastic! Was saighton the block near POL point and the ATO compound - if so it holds countless happy memories.
  10. Me thinks that was Benbow Block