The Fourth Will Rise again... RGJ leaving Londons and RRV

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. Seems as official as it gets, from D (Inf) it appears that the RGJ components of the London Regiment and the RRV will be de-merging from their current Regiments and re-forming 4 RGJ.

    What does the floor think - like we'll have any say in the matter....
  2. I think they're out partying
  3. Source?
  4. My Sunray confirms that this is the current plan.
    Lets not get hung up on the name though; there is going to be plenty of new 'identities' banging about in the next eighteen months or so and even if it is adopted now, I'll wager that name 4 RGJ will not remain.
  5. I see. Oh well, can't be helped I suppose.
  6. lets hope they get the basics in refference the name, largely revolving arround the elements of "Royal" "Green" and "Jackets" and then what ever numbers they get off their roulette wheel/ dart board/ kids lego set what ever they use ...............
  7. VVV

    My Sunray, via OC

  8. I understand provisional title to be 3 RGJ. Depends whether or not 1 and 2 RGJ retain their current titles.
  9. 2 RGJ have an R Coy - "R" for "representational - 2 and 3 merged some years ago, R Coy represent 3 RGJ...
  10. Heard F and G may have to merge somthing about the London club getting compulsory purchased.?
  11. Compulsory purchase order for both 52 and 56 Davies Street (and adjacent properties) made by Westminster Council for Crossrail - I believe it is to be the construction site for Oxford Circus mainline station.

    Quite possible that the strongest London Regt coy may be the only one to get axed.
  12. May the fourth be with you.
  13. The compulsory purchase order affects the whole street. It was placed years ago as a precaution. No-one knows which properties will be affected because the plans aren't finished. Thus Davies St may be around for some years to come but even if it bit the dust, it would not precipitate the merging of two coys -- another location would be found.
  14. F Coy have Mortars down the road in Fulham. However, rumour has it that the Yeomanry may be moving there as they are getting the boot from Duke of Yorks.
  15. rgj are tossers anyway so frankly I'm sure the londons will be glad to get rid of them.