The Fourth Reich.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Awol, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. The fourth Reich has been around for years.

    Dug in, in skeleton order in camps near Belsen, Dachau etc
  2. Probably had to do that.

    Would have overfilled the wheelie bins otherwise.
  3. I mean, seriously what the fcuk do they think when they say bollocks like this.

    "As the oldest modern country, we will be first to fall"


  4. Must be a slow news day.
  5. Glad to see the council has its priorities right.
    Can't let the public get away with that kind of thing, next thing you know the public will wanting the council to provide the service they charge through the nose for. Now where would that get us?

    Sad state of affairs when magistrates are supporting this crap by imposing farcical fines, you would get a smaller fine in West Cumbria for burning your neighbours house down,
  6. I would find out where the 2 enforcement officers live, and go and throw my extra rubbish in their bins.
    Because they have got space to spare, they cannot be home that much.
    They are out all times of the day giving other people who sort their rubbish, fixed fine penaltys
  7. Our former Deputy Prime Minister (you know, the one with Two jags, a mistress, cowboy hat and Bulemia) had some bright ideas thanks to select committe report on local government revenues, which said:

    "We believe that local authorities should have the opportunity to increase their income by extending more fees and charges to a wider range of services. Local authorities should also be allowed to make profit from services."

    So really it should be:

    "Copeland Borough Council will continue to raise revenues by employing numpties to dish out random fines dressed up as crack downs on a number of spurious non issues, such as overflowing bins which cause nugatory problems for a few local local residents and does next to nothing in the battle to reduce waste. "

    My own Council has a "Local Revenue Generation Manager" whose job it is to devise ever more cunning and opaque plans to extort more money for services we already pay for. Mostly these are all dressed up in Green but now "Promoting Social Inclusion" is being used to hike charges.
  8. RULES ARE RULESunless you are a politician
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I suspect the current Copeland Councillors will be looking for a new job next week. How stupid do you have to be to court bad publicity just before local elections, talk about on another planet.
  10. Councils are fcuking scum.

    Set up to serve us, they now control us.

    Councils have more powers than the police in a lot of areas such as this 'Waste management' bull sh:t.

    How the fcuk can you get a criminal record for overfilling a fcuking dustbin!

    This sh;t needs to be stopped, they are fcuking with peoples lives and job prospects with this crap, a criminal record is just not proportionate.
  11. Thing is, it won't show as a criminal record for filling a bin, it will be something a lot more sinister.
  12. I just tried to send a "Shitty" to them, their so called web addy does not resopond.
  13. Ive seen a chap with a conviction for an 'offence against railway bye laws' looked into it - a criminal conviction for putting his feet on the seats.

    Fux sake!
  14. Yes and this time it will last a 1000 years......sieg heil