The Fourth Pillar - Trafalgar Square Art.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by k13eod, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Following on from a pregnant disabled woman and pieces of brightly coloured plastic, the 6 proposed sculptures for the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square went on display at the National Gallery today. The choices are:

    Basically a wrecked car ... thought that this type of 'sculpture' was abundant in South London already! IMHO this is an insult to the military heritage of the Square.

    From dirty knickers on a bed to capturing Britains spirit with a depiction of meerkats ... BBBBAAAHHH Tracy, BBBBAAAHHH!

    Mmmm ... I can't be bothered with art so I'll get people to stand around!

    That'll be some mirrors then!

    Close to the spirit of the place ... but in a bottle? The favourite apparantly!

    Can't beat some 'gentle provocation' can you? Especially with something that looks like it came off the roof of the Moulin Rouge!

    So, there are your choices ... which of the six would you choose? And if you had the opportunity what would you really put up there?
  2. What about one made by me... A huge C0ck and call it gordon BROON
  3. All of the above "Artists".

    On fire.
  4. With reference to the Gormley piece, why not ask for ex/serving servicemen/women to stand up there with a poster for HFH, therby filling the need to put something there and highlighting this worthwhile charity. Speaking of which, does anyone know how much was made by the Santalash charity drinkathon for HFH in December????
  5. :D :D :D
  6. The ship in the bottle is the best idea. The bottle will stop gobshites breaking bit off and taking them home.

    How about a rifle, stuck in the ground by the bayonet with a Mk6 helmet on top and a set of ospray on the ground next to it. Done in marble with the rifle in bronze.

    Something to celebrate the work being done in sandy places right now, as well a highlighting the cost of modern warfare.
  7. I was thinking something along the lines of a marble figure depicting a naked African rising from his knees, shackled but with broken chains. This would be a significant representation of Britains vital role in bringing to an end the slave trade as well as highlighting our multi-cultural society ...

    ... or a fcuk off big Dalek ... with real flashing lights, voice and working exterminator.
  8. Perhaps some Navy chaps in bad suits waving IPODs?
  9. This of course.

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  10. Sixty

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    There was a report last night on Channel Four News about this.

    The gist of this was that we should have something new and relevant to occupy the space since no-one knows who Major General Sir Henry Havelock and General Sir Charles Napier et al actually were. Now leaving aside the fact that many of us do know who the men were and what they did, this struck me as a bit out of keeping with the Square’s ‘theme’ (for want of a better word).

    They should really stick to someone military; Montgomery or Slim or similar.

    Or how about a heroic representation of Arthur Bachelor sans i-Pod?

    Edit: Balls. Beaten to it.
  11. Personally I'd like to see this, if Scooby says it then it must be done!

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  12. Well done mate! On a serious note (for once), there is nothing more apt than the Abandoned Warrior sculpture ... but it's not going to happen is it?
  13. Luv it, plus it would also have the added bonus that 90+% of the chavvy population would at least have some idea of who it is, unlike something that would be relevant to people who have put their lives on the line. I can see this getting the vote from Red Ken.
  14. Sadly not. Well not while those in charge consist of the bunch of w@ankers that we have at present (and most of those waiting in the wings as well).
  15. Just a simply statue of Tommy Atkins to represent the ongoing contribution of the Soldier to maintaining our way of life.