The Four Feathers

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by jack-daniels, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Just watched this (the 1939 version) and saw something I'd never seen in a film about the Army before. When the blokes were given the order to 'stand at ease' they held their hands out before them, clasped them and lowered them.
    Did this used to happen or is it artistic liscence? They had two Colonels as Military advisors so I would imagine that something like it may have happened in the 19th Century.
    Anyhow, the Dervishes didn't like it up 'em!
  2. Good movie (like the wild eyes on the Villains!).

    The remakes never have the feel of this original
  3. Although the some remakes contained some of the original footage. Corps of Drums at embarkation believed to be 2 CG (IIRC)
  4. ah.. C. Aubrey Smith..
    There I was at the head of the old 68th!

    trots out the pineapple, and some walnuts and snakes a line of wine down the tabletop.. The Thin Red Line!!

    Yes, I imagine they were pretty thin with food being in short suupply..
    Not the men, blast you!.. the Line, the Line!

    mutters and sputters as he downs the madiera..
  5. Weird that the remake "Storm Over the Nile" filmed 16 years later in 1955 was just a identical copy!
  6. I enjoyed watching it over the weekend. For some reason I kept looking at the bundooks carried by the fuzzy wozzies.

    Good to see it was repeated volleys that chased them off. When they liberated the town scene, you see a fine example of bayonet drill.
  7. If you look at the very first photos of the British Army, c.Crimea War era, they do indeed stand at ease with hands clasped and the rifle held into the body by the crook of the elbow.

    There is a photo halfway down this page on the right that shows a Guards sentry using the at ease position. (Picture is licensed, so can't post directly)
  8. one of the schnider enfields used in the film was on sale at an auction in Cardiff a few months ago
  9. That film has authentic soldiers in it. I know, because my grandfather was in it. He had a small speaking role, pointing that 'arab had an officer' when pulling him out of the river.
  10. 39 version best, all the other remakes utter crap
  11. Some years ago at Crownhill Fort, Plymouth, we saw a display by re enactors of artillery drill Victorian style. When stood at ease they clapped once and then put their clasped hands over their left hip, it looked camper than John Inman, but was authentic, so they told me.
  12. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I am now seeing from memory a decades-old episode of The Generation Game in which the pairs were made to do (IIRC) pike drill, which finished with the command, "adopt a lazy posture," each grabbed his / her pike at neck height with both hands and leaned into it.
  13. The Four Feathers was one of the Korda brothers' "Empire Trilogy" along with The Drum and Sanders of the River. I love The Drum - it features a whole battalion of the Gordons and Roger Livesey going undercover on the NW Frontier - a sort of precursor to TF (insert number here) today :evil:
  14. The Four Feathers was filmed in Africa as I remember but the Drum was filmed in North Wales I think,