The former 2am Club/bar closure time

Just been having a conversation with a mate of mine over a beer and came to the conclusion that the old 2am closure time was not really a bad thing. The main reason being I can actually remember nights out from that time but I cant remember nights out from a day or so ago.

Also, does anyone else think the country would be me mega fcuked if it wasnt for the increases in revenue of pished up squaddies, the remaining workers and the giro crew practically chucking dosh back at the government at daft oclock in the morning whist not being of sound mind?


Half cut Mag_to_grid
I'd go along with a return to 2am shutting as a general rule, certainly mid week. It currently seems a silly situation where a lot of bars don't even open until 11pm.

I'd also propose a return to pubs opening from 11am to 3pm and 17:30 to 23:00. Obviously, there should be some pubs that cater for people working night shifts - like the pubs in market places which had really weird hours to accommodate the market traders. I recall getting a beer at 06:00 from a pub near Smithfield Market many years ago. (I was finishing a night shift, not starting a day shift, btw).

Is that why there are so many unemployed? People can't fit work in around the drinking hours?

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