The Forgotten Iraqis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. N_C, I appreciate what you're trying to say, but the Kurdish part of Iraq isn't the land of flowing milk and honey your quoted article suggests. Why not try this lefty scumbag BBC report, for example? IIRC, both the KDP and PUK aren't Ankara's bestest buddies, angling as they are for an independent Kurdish state that includes significant areas of a NATO member...

    The middle east isn't an easily delineated set of nations; decades (if not centuries) of fudge and ambivalence have resulted in a complex web of interests and counter-interests. The NG article seems rather simplistic, and, dare I say it, aimed squarely at those who want to hear such simplistic evaluations of the regional situation.

  2. By middle eastern standards the Kurds are doing a remarkable job and considering they have been Independent for only 14years, Few could have done as well. Kurdistan is not the English country side but it is the nicest place in their neighborhood.

    How long did it take for British politics to achieve perfection and I have seen BBC reports on American politics that sounded a whole lot worst. Remember Bush according to many reports stole a Presidency.
  3. Nice to see you back Neo, even if your style hasn't changed one jot! Find an obscure right-wing article on the web and present it as justification for US actions.....but then, there's comfort in the familiar....
  4. National geographic is hardly an obscure right wing mag.
  5. Still, it would be nice to read what the rest of the article has to say and not rely on the first few paragraphs- or am I being unreasonable?

    Will bimble across to the library tomorrow to find out what the rest of it says...

  6. Unless you're a woman.
    The Kurds are a bunch of misogynistic religious bigots - just like most of their neighbours. Perhaps this explains the affection felt for them by the US far right ? Or maybe it's that at the moment the Kurds want support from the US and say all the right things, so they tend to be the poster boys for US policies.

    Don't kid yourself Neo-Con, if the Kurds ever perceive that their interests are best served by opposing the US they'll change course so fast you'll blink and miss it. They're using you.
  7. Ah! Now we have a conundrum Neo_Com, and I look forward to your response.

    1. What is the difference between "been Independent" (your words) and "enjoyed complete autonomy" (NG's words).
    2. Is 'independance' the crucial factor in this "remarkable job" that you speak of?
    3. If so, then do you not suggest that this 'independance' should continue? Or do you still support the current Bush administration policy of a single, united and unitary Iraqi state?
  8. Neo Con wrote:

    "Remember Bush according to many reports stole a Presidency"

    Thats because he did
  9. It is if you are a screaming left winger.... :wink:
  10. have any of the people posting visited Kurdistan, or even met any Kurds?? I see this as utter drivel!
  11. Yes.

    And some have read an article in "A great Magazine" - which is of course as good as being the foremost expert on the subject.
  12. Wasn't a case of Bird Flu found there yesterday?? That should cheer them all up as theire livelihood are doubt that will also be a western plot.
  13. Uhhhh, right.

    Considering that *every* *single* recount conducted by independent organizations (incl. some rather left-leaning papers) down in Florida have shown that Bush DID win in Florida--despite the best efforts of lawyers hired by the Dem Party to disallow all military absentee votes--I'd say that you're full of shiznit. Thanks for playing, please try again. Not.