The Forgotten Highlander,

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Gadgwah, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. Article in the mail, Looks interesting

    The forgotten Highlander

    Has anyone read it?
    Okay a bit early I know, but this is a subject that needs telling.


  2. Not had a read of the book yet...looks a good but some what horror filled story...

    And yes it is a subject that needs telling...

    Cheers for the Link..
  3. Y,know, whenever I see a story like that I just cant understand why the Japanese treatment of others has never been made a subject for atonement like the Nazis treatment of the Jews. My FiL HATED the Japanese with a passion until the day he died, although he had been a prisoner of the Italians. But his regiment had lost a number of men as prisoners to the Japanese and he had talked a lot to the survivors. I dont think it necessary to hold the Japanese up as an example of a bestial race now although perhaps they are or were. But more to hold up the Japanese atrocities as an example of some of the worst examples of mans inhumanity to humankind of recent history. I have seen the results of this kind of human behaviour in Cambodia, Germany, and Somalia. It seems to happen when normal human judgement and reason is suspended and animal instincts take over. And when certain types of people have too much power.

    Whilst not in the same league as wartime atrocities, what Harriet Harmen and others in the current government are doing with their obssesive doctrines is somewhat characteristic of a lack of restraint, which if allowed to continue unchecked, leads to totalitarianism. The kind of totalitarianism that can ultimately lead to extreme unpleasantness.
  4. Ive met a few of the old lads from the 2nd Argylls at various events...they dont have a lot of love for the Japs either......
  5. An old boy in the same Nursing home as an old cousin of mine was offered curry and rice for lunch. "Rice? F***ing rice? Not a chance!" Five years as a FEPOW will do that.