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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. just heard David Mildboots' speech in which he asserted that their are never military solutions. Perhaps he might like to deante that in the WOs & SNCOs mess of any infantry Regiment!
  2. Wonder what the veterans of the Falklands, Oman, WW2, Korea, Malaysia, GW1 or any number of other conflicts might add to that...

    Miliband is part of a generation of career politicians who haven't lived a life outside Westminster. They've never worked, let alone served. These are now the people that govern the country.

    Look at the obits - the last generation of pols (of all persuasions), had some degree of life experience. Like them or loathe them, Enoch Powell (the only private soldier to make brigadier by the end of the war), Tony Benn, Airey Neave etc etc had seen life - often in uniform. There are increasingly few of them left - Paddy Ashdown is one - for all I don't agree with all of his politics, he does come across as a decent, sensible chap (shagging about notwithstanding).
  3. hear hear
  4. A totally stupid thing to say by a totally stupid man.
    I take it then he didn't vote to invade Iraq when just a minion climbing the greasy pole!!
  5. I know what he's getting at, if you believe the 'War is just diplomacy by other means' quote but I'm not sure I liked how he phrased it though, he seemed to be underplaying the role of the military.

    Military action isn't a solution in itself - but its a bloody good way of getting the solution your side wants!
  6. What might be interesting is for Miliband and his ilk to point at the reams and reams of examples of where nations with no credible military force have projected diplomatic power to come to a successful conclusion. I'd speculate very few.

    Even if you don't use it - having a very big stick to shake will make your noisy neighbour listen.
  7. IT_Guy wrote:

    Exactly. Diplomatic force multiplier.
  8. totally agree!! Phoney Tony's government was made up of people who trained as lawyers at Uni then went straight into politics (Fat Joke being the exception)

    Milliband is - like his boss - a cynical opportunist, every single one of this new politcal class is. A bunch of lying, self-serving kuntz

    "No Flash - Just Gordon" is the biggest of them all - trying to convince the electorate that the last government were 'very naughty boys' forgetting to mention that for 10 years he was right at its core controlling the the focking purse
  9. i all honestly i dont think there is one member of government who is not a self seeking fcuktrad without the most basic grasp of economics public duty and how the real world functions, for a supposed socialst inspired party they love war hate soldiers. :x

    'Just Gordon' keeps throwing out the whole i wasnt me who cut everything to the bone and underfunded everything. It was the big boys made me do it.

    And dont even start me on Swiss the part timer. :x
  10. I get the feeling that for the current generation of politicians all over the west, military action is seen as a solution; to the problem of looking weak in front of your peers.

    The isea that actual people might actually suffer as a result of the decisions they make just doesn't seem to hit home.
  11. David MMmmmmmmmmmilliband needs to sort out his mmmmmmumbling when he is questioned under pressure or he will never mmmmmake Primmmmme MMMMinister.......
  12. The present government as well as the majority of parliment realy have no connection mentaly or Moraly with the forces therefore using the armed forces as an extension of policy the is not something that brings a feeling of responsibilty for the effects of WAR FIGHTING OPERATION on the services.

    I really believe the lack of basic understanding in anything outside of the members interests book the palace of Westminster’s subsidised bars and restaurants, and im sure there visits to various advisers on how best to claim MP's allowances is more telling than their visits and levels of comprehension to places like Selly Oak, Basra, the Stan etc.

    Have to stop now getting angry .................... :x
  13. He didn't put it over very well but in many respects he is right. There comes a time when you have to move from fighting to talking, in the case of Germany that was when their armis had been tottally destroyed as fighting machines, with others it is simply when it gets into their thick skulls that you will keep fighting and killing them until they do talk. When the time for fighting ends which is when one side decides that they have nothing to gain from continuing fighting talk is the only way forward. One of the problems with the end of WW1 was that the Germans sought an armistice before the German public and much of the army really realised they were defeated, they had beaten the Russians and the western army was still fighting outside germany. Hindenberg knew that the allies had him beaten and it really was the end but that was not understood by the wider population which gave the general truth to hitlers assertions that germany was let down by a conspiracy.

    In Iraq in the end the government there will have to come to an accomodation of some kind with the iraqi insurgents, and equally in afghanistan the taliban will have to talk to the government if there is to be peace, you will never kill them all, and without an agreement to stop fighting it will go on for ever.
  14. The point is that muslim fighters only respect strength, they do not do weakness. Mmmmmmiliband should have acknowledged the fearsome bravery of British troops in the Labour wars. Following bloodtrails in the bush of Sierra Leone to the stoic defence in Helmand. The reputation of the British Army could scarcely be higher. You have to fight them to the negotiating table and then do the political business. Miliband looks like another squeamish, bookish man who needs to get down on a level with the guys doing the business on the ground.