The Foreign lot got the work - Bless em!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rgjbloke, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. Hello everybody,

    What should I do?

    About 4 weeks ago, my mate was asked to submit a price for some groundwork. It was of great interest to me because my machine would have been hired to do the digging. It was probably a 2 or possibly a 3 day job. Worth between perhaps £400 to £600 to me depending on the length of time the work took to do.

    The guy looking for the work to be done own's a garden centre and has rented the bottom of his car park to someone to start a car wash business there.

    When our price was submitted, we were told that he was going to get a quote off of the water board. Fair enough. No problem with that. We were confident we would be miles cheaper than them.

    Anyway on Sky news this week, there was a story about loads of Indian workers living under a flyover by the M4 near Southall. They were all out of work and stuck there because they had destroyed their passports etc so they couldn't be sent back but now there was no work, they couldn't get replacement documents to go back anyway.

    Anyway this job we had tendered for was near Heathrow just up the road from Southall and my mate drove in there this morning only to find a load of Indian labourers digging these trenches by hand.

    Co-incidence that he found all this cheap labour just after they had been the centre of attraction of a Sky news report this week? Probably not but you never know!

    Anyway, would it be completely wrong of me to ring 03001234699 tomorrow at 9am?

    That by the way is the immigration hotline and the time that they open tomorrow morning. Should immigration turn up there tomorrow, they may well bag quite a few and I understand it's around a ten grand fine for each one caught working.

    Or, should I not feel so pissed off that a load of illegal foreign workers have probably done me out of this few quid and just come in at £20 per day on the next job I am involved in tendering for.

    Advice please chaps!

    oh ps. Do you think it would be worth my while to phone the water board and inform them of the new car wash and the planning department to let them know about the new use on this site?


    Pissed off and annoyed of Hillingdon.
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  2. Why bleat about it on here?

    Do what you think is right, not what a bunch of mongs on the tinterweb think.
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  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Damn right, dob the bugger in and get rid of a bunch of IIs to boot.
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  4. Bubble his life away.
  5. Like you say, this is the beginning of a slippery slope. Nip it in the bud now!
  6. Hmmm, a legitimate contractor trying to make a living versus a bunch of cheap labouring IIs and dodgy employers.Matey does seem an open and even a painted target. With DC bigging up private business lately and all those laws, how can you possibly lose?
  7. Several years ago the landlady of my local pub rented her 4 bed house in the centre of Farnborogh to 3 Malaysian business men for the duration of the Farnborough air show and a few weeks further on.

    One of the pub regulars was driving by the house a few days later and mentioned that there were about ten people standing in the drive. I had a drive by and found the same, so I called a mate of mine in immigration at Southampton.

    Next day the house was raided and 26 illegals lifted and deported.
  8. He'll be ringing that number all day......
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  9. They beat you by £500 quid as they were prepared to simply stop fucking about and dig by hand?

    Damn those brown skinned little bastards and their desperation to eat.
  10. Lol. Nice try!
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  11. Shop the fuckers. British jobs for British workers. And the twat that hired them in the first place should be shot for treason.
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  12. Maybe he's hoping that someone will read this and e-mail the Immigration people right away.
  13. Take your machine down there and backfill the cunts into it.
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  14. Do you lay driveways?
  15. Gratuitous racist joke alert

    How many of those indian fellas would it take to lay a 50m2 driveway?

    Depends how thin you slice em.