the fore-runner to 49 para?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Books, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. found them, 1st Bucket and Spade Regiment. right this is where i need your help. ive located a few of the people in the 1stB&S but need some more.

    Captain Queues Likely ( handlebar Mustache, says "tally ho" and who's mufti kit consists of yellow cords that don't quite reach the ankle brown shoes and red socks).
    Corporal Copious Notes ( fat clerk).
    Private Straddles Nearside (big lad likes a beer) .
    Naafi Wench Molly Coddles (serves beer and the serves the troops).

    so where do you lot come in ? i need a few more in the same vein ( these were taken from road signs and sayings).

    help with regt history and any thing else you can think of.

    the result: if this pans out maybe i can get it published, dedicated to ARRSE with a share of the profits going to charity. so i would be grateful for your help or you can shoot me down.
  2. Sandmanfez and Geordie blerk both love this sort of humour, particularly the puns. They will also be taken with your minimum effort, minimum input approach to achieving literary success.
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Your characters remind me of a book I read many years ago. The author was, I believe, called Anthony Armstrong, but neither of the Anthony Armstrongs you are thinking of.

    It was clearly based on his own experiences in the South of England (in the 1920s either in Aldershot or Tidworth IIRC). For PerSec reasons he changed names to things like Private Butt, Private Barrel, Private O'Jector and so on. ISTR there was a Company parrot called Packdrill.

    Memo to self: get out and track this book down. A great read.

    There was a cherry boy 2Lt. Regulations said he had to shave regularly. He decided once a month was frequent enough for his blond cherry boy face.

    He had been born and brought up in India, where his father had served. The Army decided they needed to encourage officers to learn foreign languages. When he'd taken his commission, he'd been asked what foreign languages he spoke and he listed the obscure dialect taught him by his nanny. He felt confident enough to sit the exam and get the formal qualification without bothering with a course, so he applied to the Education Centre to sit it. Great consternation in the RAEC finding someone to set him the exam. Eventually they found someone who spoke this obscure dialect and he turned up the the Education Centre in Aldershot to conduct his own oral exam, because he alone in the Army spoke the language.

    Le plus ca change ...


    I've done some Googling. It seems there are LERDS of authors called Anthony Armstrong, apparently including the author of the Ellery Queen series.

    However, this link:

    refers to Captain Bayonet, which fits in with the nomenclature I have described, so I think I'll be scouring the cyberplanet for his works in the very near future.
  4. Yes, indeedy - also Lt Swordfrog, CQMS Fourbytwo and Capt Ledger (the Quarterbloke)

    One of my all-time favourites

    Anthony Armstrong wrote regularly in Punch as 'A.A.' but he is probably best known as the creator of the immortal Pilot Officer Prune.
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Indeed. I have a very tatty original of PO PPrune at home, written under the pseudonym RAFF. It starts "In 1939 a madman turned the lights out all over Europe" or words to that effect. Only discovered this morning during my Googling that this was the same author.

    Anyway I found a second-hand bookshop in Manchester called Abebooks where I was able to buy a copy of the omnibus of Warriors at Ease (the book I remembered) and all its sequels under the title Warriors Paraded.

    Mostly, for the next week or two (after 3-5 days for delivery) I shall be reading Warriors Paraded. Oh yes.

    Amazon report it long out of print so if you want a copy, Abebooks have a few, but I have taken the best one. Get in and get your copy now.
  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    So the book was ordered Tuesday morning. I was notified by e-mail of its despatch on Wednesday morning. Yesterday morning Wor Lass was opening it up to check the contents.

    I have to confess it's even funnier than I remembered. Makes George MacDonald Fraser about as funny as reading the guard duty roster AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING for GMF is a master.

    Got told last night to put the book down, dry my eyes and go to bed and let her watch SOMETHING without my laughter drowning it out.

    But they're like rocking horse droppings: get yours now before they're gone.

    WARNING: NOT to be read on stag: you'll attract the attention of the guard commander.