The force is getting weaker

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it may be telling that the moaning on arrse about jobs, conditions, management, career etc is 95% done by darksiders.

guess the light side are getting something right :)

I'm sure the lightside are completely blameless in this?

- The Army has fully manned all its security posts within the community*

-We can all rely on the fastidious conduct of mid-tour interviews by the "Unit Security Section"

-We know that the USO feeds the broad trends from the MTIs to a dedicated security staff officer at MoD level, with a deeply ingrained understanding of the culture, history and ethos of the trade groups.

-That Staff officer's pithy analysis is siezed on annually, by Sponsors, Customers, Manning Authorities other people and line managers across the broad community. Human Capital Management is as ever, the cry of the day from Head Office. Trebbles and IiP plaques all round!

-All pigs bombed-up, fueled-up, serviced and ready for take-off Sir! from 399 SU RAF, and all points East.

* and certainly not lost a number of posts to the RAF

can i just say on behalf of all lightsiders who have never worked in that environment......

huh? :)

Years ago the force was strong, some older Jedi slime may still be awere of the fabled "confluences" of the light and dark side. Those who knew where to find these "confluences" could sometimes witness the truth, that many still hold a legend. The truth that when certain parts of this solar system are in alignment, that the light and dark will work together in harmony.

At the first confluence Dark shall enable light, in these past times the dark masters would move closer to the entrance of their caves, some even ventured out at night their quest?

To provide product to those who need it most, in time for it to be of use. To the lightsiders, they would indicate, broadly: there be dragons. The masters of light, they would seek, finding here a GMRD, there a Front Gun Regiment. Over there an M60 missing from the National Guard and beyond perhaps, a pistol in Sainsburys maybe a PIFWC ?

At the second confluence Light shall enable dark. The Legend of the Stables hold that light shall protect dark. Before the Legend was wrote SSGT Cottonless spoke " Good man management is the best form of personnel security you can have" and the young Jedi listened and then the young Jedi forgot.

The Assyrians came down and smite the dark masters and took away their indications - on multi-ply carbonless paper and so it came to pass that the legend of the Stables was born.

The Lords of the Stables directed that the best protection should be provided for the Dark Masters and their apprentices, they should have excellent pastoral care, there should be allowances for differing conditions of service and more subalterns for the young apprentices to tease in their free time.

To avoid the influences of Jupiter and Cancer each dark master and apprentice should meet alone each year with a light Jedi, to ensure the force remained pure. These light Jedi reported to a wise old Scally jedi at the centre of the constellation. This potent old white haired Master was able to harness the forces of both light and dark, then the young Jedi forgot.

The Lords of the Stables decreed that more light should be deployed to protect those in Darkness. In the Eastern Marshes the two Crown- sleeved Jedi from the light side were dispatched to ensure the Legend of the Stables was upheld.

Mysteriously they never arrived: an apperition of two light-blue Jedi appeared instead, but they did not have the secret of the Legend. They did not have the power of the force with them.

Is the Legend of the Stables lost forever?
Will there ever be confluence again?
Will we ever see the like of the white haired master again at the centre of the constellation?
Will there always be such a high wastage rate in FLB?

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He does know that we're NOT Jedis, right??? :hmm:


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There is much in what Master Subbo says. Whereas Stables was impactful, the impact was incorrectly diagnosed and inappropriate measures were imposed - for is it not said, in the Temple of Mercury, that the Right Course is that of the holy Adventure Training and Principles of Marksmanship and the Right Guide is a young role model, whereas in the Temple of the Crowned Rose, the talk is of Conversations and Confidentiality?

Woe, woe, upon those who fail to see what is before them and create, rather, lustrous images which, despite their beauty, bear no resemblance to what is, but rather to what they would have it be.
g2_loony_bin said:
He does know that we're NOT Jedis, right??? :hmm:


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