The Forbidden Soldier Would you read?? NEW BOOK. In the process of being published,

A-P, just a comment, but a long screed like that on a screen makes your eyes bleed if you try to read it without spaces between every two or three lines.

Edit the post, break the text up a bit and a few more people may be able to get through it. Sadly I tried but failed.

All the best, though.


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Well, that synopsis sounds too good to be true. Sexed up a little perhaps? A few 'engineered' encounters with familiar named people? I'm not saying its fiction, but I wonder how much licence the ghost writer had?

If its legit, I would be very interested. But I got a feeling I was reading the back of an 'Andy Mcliar' novel at some points.


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To be honest, i might well read that, but please, sort out the formatting!
Thanks Micawber for ur reply. have amended.

Command_doh. It's all true, its just not heard off, thats why it might come across the way it does..

Chrisg46 wiil get it edited as the above has mentioned.

Thanks guys for ur feedback...............
I don't know if you have thought how you are going to publish but the ideal way to get a book out which doesn't cost anything is Amazon Kindle, I recently published a book called What Churchill Would Do and put a copy on Amazon kindle. It is really easy to set up, you just need to upload a picture of the front cover and a word document formatted in the style of a book and away you go. You get royalties if anyone downloads a copy and everyone can read a sample to see if they like it before they buy. It is also published in America which has 5 Million Kindle readers. the site is
I find it hard to believe that anyone would willing escape from the North-West Frontier to try to get to Burnley.
I find it hard to believe that anyone would willing escape from the North-West Frontier to try to get to Burnley.
Dennis Nielsen invited me for dinner when i was age 19, i cant believe i turned down a free meal, but glad i did.

strange things do happen. lmao

I would read the book out of interest to see how you deal with some things (i bet they are not covered in the book lol) but if i felt the book was trying to sell me religion, then i would bin it.
Sammie99: Thanks for your feedback. I really want to tell this to the full, but It might cause problems from muslim who dont wanting this to come out.

Over 600 hits on my life story so far, would be great to hear more feedback..
If true, and if written honestly (rather than the usual ghost-writer nonsense) I'd be very interested.

May I suggest that you find a way of establishing your credentials and then get a good proof reader to check spelling and grammer (that's not a dig at your writing, but I have looked back at documents I have written and realised that an impartial eye might have greatly improved the clarity of what was written).

But please don't try to sensationalise it. If what you have said is true (and I would certainly buy it if that was etablished) then it is a fascinating story in its own right and will not need embellishment.

Ref what SuartFinley said about Kindle, I'd be more likely to go for that option as I travel alot.
Hi all,

‘Orphan of Islam’ will be published by ‘HarperCollins’ Due out on the 5th July 2012.

I served 7 years as a ‘Paratrooper’ within an ‘Elite’ regiment of the British Army, and seen action in Iraq - 2003.

Before I joined, I had many death threats made against me for joining. -“You are our Muslim brother” I was told, “why do you want to serve with the Kaffir, or non-believer.

I was born in the UK to a Pakistani father and an English mother. I spent my early years as a Muslim in the north of England. But at the age of three my family was torn apart when my father took me to a village between the borders of Afghanistan, and North West Pakistan.

Despite my desperate cries, that was the last I saw of my mother (My beautiful English mother) I was told she had walked out and abandoned me; many years later I learned she was told I’d died in a car crash in North West - Pakistan.

Three years on I was brought back to England, but kept hidden at all times. My father disappears to Pakistan again, leaving me in the care of my stepmother and her cruel brother. And it is then that my troubles really begin. Seen as an outsider by both the white kids and the Pakistani kids, I feel lost and alone.

When my father dies unexpectedly, I’m sent back to Pakistan to stay with my ‘family’ and learn to behave like a ‘good Muslim’. Now alone in a strange, hostile country, with nobody to protect me, I realises what it is to be truly orphaned. No one would listen.

No one would help. And no one cared when I was kidnapped by men from my own family and sent to a fundamentalist Madrassa on the Afghanistan border – Months later I escape.

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