The Football Manger Thread

As a popular game with football fans, I was wondering if any Arrsers played it?

I thought this would be a good way to share tips, hints, and just general chat about the game.

Just about to start a new game, still deciding who to play as however.
heidtheba said:
The ARRSE Premier League is already running in the Sports thread.
Is that the one where that good looking bloke THE_IRON is leading with four weeks to play :D
icemann said:
i havent been on for 6weeks and still 5th only hundred so... behind 4 games left i think im out of the race
Your not doing too bad then mate after 6 weeks away your still ahead of the donkeys HTB and Drain_sniffer (not too hard though) :wink:
Anyone had any problems with FM2008? Currently onto my third season after completing the 2yr plan set out as the Celtic board to win the league.... now there are no league games at all for any scottish clubs, only cup and european games.
Anyone know how to fix this or should i just give up and restart?

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